[Sad news]”Genshin”-like Chinese new open world RPG “Gento”, a cheetah appears as soon as possible and rampages with interpersonal content …

Cheetahs appeared early in “Gentou”, rampaging in PvP and occupying the top of the leaderboard. Developer also announces strengthening of cheat countermeasures-AUTOMATON

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(Partial summary below)

It is said that the existence of cheat users has already been confirmed in the free-to-play open world RPG “Tower of Fantasy”, which started service on August 11th.

A week has passed since the service started, but users posted screenshots of the leaderboard (ranking) for this work on the overseas bulletin board Reddit. It points out the existence of players who are seen as cheat users.

Players ranked 1st and 2nd on the leaderboard have an unnaturally high level of play timepoints have been pointed out,The suspected user has 6 units of the highest rarity SSR and a level 7 suppressor.reported.

According to a user in the thread,Cheat users have also been confirmed in PvP, and one user reported that the opponent’s shield was showing an unnatural recovery. Some have commented that he was hit by an enemy CPU-exclusive poison attack.Even in Japan, there have been several reports of the existence of cheaters in PvP.

The “Gentou” official Twitter account announced the progress of repairing defects and improving the system. In addition to raising the upper limit of the number of servers for PCs, it was announced that an anti-cheat system would be developed soon.
moreover“Publication and Punishment of Cheetah List” is also plannedIt is said that it is. The developer seems to be starting to deal with cheaters in earnest.

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Yes.is it already springing

That development can’t deal with it

I’m glad I didn’t do PvP.smile

I can’t even move between gacha, interpersonal, or domestic servers…
It doesn’t look good… there are too many elements that are bad for MMOs

I laughed with Cheetah with 1 billion stamina

Even during the beta, the official Discord haste was hacked…

If you quit the basic play free, it seems to be solved quite well

Cheetahs are already springing up in Gentou… What’s the fun in using cheats to become a PvP ranker?
Can we really handle this?
Yaruo PC sweat thin eyes

If the basic play is free, it will continue to increase even if you ban it … After all, Valorant is amazing
Husband who doesn't do cigarettes

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