[Sad news]”FF16″ official, the official play video is simply too darkish and burns → Twisting and escaping will make a transfer that’s not official…


For the play video pasted by the official
“too dark”
A decent battle equivalent to “No, it’s not dark” happens

Official, Twisted (The URL under is the location)


FINAL FANTASY XVI (Final Fantasy 16) – PS5
Square Enix(2023-06-22T00:00:01Z)
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Reactions to this text

Here is the sunshine distribution of the torch that China FF16 workers got here up with

↑Have the lights prepared and you will get hit with this

I believed it sucked, however everybody thought so too

I do not want this type of pointless actuality

Well, if you wish to give the picture a way of luxurious
I’ve no alternative however to precise black
If you make it brighter, it can look low-cost and I feel it will likely be tough

It appears that foreigners and Japanese see gentle and darkish otherwise.
Please darken it till the mark is just not seen in western video games
If you do this, the sport will probably be too darkish and you will not be capable of see something.

↑I used to be informed by foreigners that I used to be darkish, however ff16


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