[Sad news]Famous game pro, despair after encountering a ridiculous rant at “VALORANT” … “There is no sense of sense”

from YouTube

VALORANT is a so-called “explosion game” in which the attacking side sets up bombs in specific places
This time, Mr. Mago is in the role of carrying the bomb.


Ally A: Install Sova (Mago)!

Mago: (I forgot) I’m sorry!

Ally B: “What the hell are you doing!?”

“I’m sorry…” Mago


Mr. Mago “I will do my best to install it!”

Ally B “You don’t have to work hard just press and hold 4”

Mago: “As you said…”

Ally B: “You can’t even do that.

Mago: “Why can you say that to someone? Why…”

People who play FPS are really bad.

It’s spicy… Do your best, Mr. Mago.

I think that 80% of the rants that spring up at the distributor are snipes
I wonder if this guy is waiting so much to make sure he puts in the same match.I feel rather cute when I think about it

Of course it’s not bad that Mr. Mago was a victim, but I want people like this to be properly reported.

Mago-san bought a foot pedal and was excited about it, but he yelled at me to die and uninstall it, so I switched to SF5. What is this custom?

I’m watching Mr. Mago’s delivery, but the stray words and beee www
3100 people are watching 🤣🤣

Overwatch is more dangerous than this There are a lot of guys

Have you been baptized by cooperative fighting games?
It’s painful to be yelled at at such an early stage…
Husband sadness one hand tears

I wonder what kind of people really yell at their allies in a cooperative game…
It’s just that the performance of the person who said it drops and the probability of losing increases.
Husband who doesn't do it, denial, sweat

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