[Sad news]Famitsu particular characteristic of “FF16” goes past “dark” and turns into a subject of “too black”

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FF16, the sport display is simply too darkish, it is harmful

“FF16” official, “The screen is too dark” broke my coronary heart and escaped…

“FF16” official, blocked believers who have been desperately defending wwwwww

■ From Twitter

what’s this…

Only scenes with darkish screenshots

An picture illustration on the primary web page of the characteristic?Everything is darkish apart from the goal
what is that this…

What’s the matter, apart from the shiny impact of the magic impact

Even although it is darkish, solely the consequences are glowing and it seems to be like fireworks

Both the web page and the screenshot are pitch black It’s humorous

It’s darkish mode

straightforward on the eyes

Kuromoto from Famitsu FF16

I snort like this
Seriously w

It’s darkish in spite of everything
Is that what darkish fantasy is?

The results of Square Enix’s interpretation of darkish fantasy www

There are solely actually darkish scenes
why are you doing this for publicity
Are squeennies silly?

why do you want black a lot
Chuuni illness?

↑ There is just one fact.
“The man is dyed black”

I ponder if there is a mysterious sense of values ​​spreading all through Square Enix that darkish photographs are acquired abroad.

Stop making it black

darkish or black
15→The character’s garments are black.
16→The display is black

It’s darkish even to the web page w

Even the workers’s garments are black and grass


It’s darkish, is not it?

Let’s go a bit brighter

It’s so darkish I do not actually know what you are doing
yaruo pc sadness sorrow

The results of attempting to emphasise magic lights on a darkish display
Is this what occurred?
Husband who doesn't do it, arms folded, sweat

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