[Sad news]”Elden Ring” boom, complete end or online is underpopulated and not matching, players remaining

Is the “Elden Ring” boom finally over?Online is depopulated … – Maijitsu Enter

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From Software’s “ELDEN RING” is an action RPG that has received high praise around the world.

but of the same workThe “online element” has been met with pros and cons since its launch. Now there are even voices lamenting the end of the boom.

In the current workThere are many opinions that depopulation is progressing except for some places.Fewer people are actually playing onlineAt its peak, Steam recorded more than 900,000 simultaneous connections,These days, it’s mostly less than 50,000 people.

From the faded people of the multi-faction,

《There is no interpersonal force at all, and the front gate is underpopulated and underpopulated》
《I want to enjoy multiplayer, but I feel like there is no sign at all》
《Before, I was able to invade about 30 times a day, but now I can only invade 0-4 times.》

There are voices of dissatisfaction.

However, against this trend, solitary and faded people are constantly arguing against it.

From the point of view that solo play is supreme, the excitement of multiplayer is probably just a trifle. on the internet,

《Elden Ring is basically a solo game. The game will continue even if it is depopulated.》
《Personally, I think it’s a game where you can sit down and get absorbed in it》

There are many claims.

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Is there an element of liberation in multiplayer?
Is this okay?

Fromm’s impatience was revealed in the Suzudama succession update the other day.
In order to harass the users, only Suzudama could not be taken over for a long time, but when there was no one left, the ban on Suzudama takeover was finally lifted.

Online is a bonus

It’s finally been 4 months since the release, isn’t it?

This is not a genre where you silently repeat trial and error by yourself

Aside from interpersonal play, there is absolutely no point in playing cooperatively
The photo is strong and the boss HP doesn’t increase Player red fans don’t come

I think Elden is quite a masterpiece.
Even Elden couldn’t change the course of the PS5
pretty tough

↑ Because it can be done without PS5

I didn’t do multiplayer at all
I had a lot of fun playing solo.

When the DLC comes, it will be a little more exciting.

Rather, it can be said that there are still 50,000 people on Steam alone
Say the word “depopulated” after the population is 1,000.
Husband who does wink Husband who doesn't talk

As expected of Yaruo who has played many depopulated games

I think it’s amazing that there are still 50,000 people (´・ω・`)
Because there are many other games

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