[Sad news]Broadcast after episode 4 of the anime “NieR Automata” has been postponed considerably, and the resumption is undecided

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Nier gone aaaaaaaaaaaa


Can you maintain episode 4 for some time?

( ・ω・) Right

It’ll be enjoyable to go to an amusement park any more

Seriously… Well, I feel I had a while to work on the unique throughout this time.

To be capable of mess around in anime…

This is the one you’ll be able to’t see till the top on GYAO!

It’s going to have an effect on the manufacturing of anime, however are you actually going to decrease it to five? Could you are taking measures to suppress the corona extra correctly…

good well being to mankind

Hey it is a lie oh oh oh
I used to be trying ahead to seeing the distinction from the sport each week, so it is good
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Somehow, I got here right here and it is beginning to have an effect on anime manufacturing and varied occasions once more due to Corona.
Husband who doesn't do it, arms folded, sweat

(´・ω・`)I cried on the marriage ceremony ceremony within the masked metropolis

Nier Automata The End of YoRHa Edition – Switch

Release date: 2022-10-06
Manufacturer: Square Enix
Category: Video video games
Sales Rank: 89

Nier Automata – PS4

Release date: 2017-02-23
Manufacturer: Square Enix
Category: Video video games
Sales Rank: 1035

YoRHa Pearl Harbor Descent Operation Record (1) (Gangan Comics UP!)

Release date: 2021-04-22
Category: Books
Sales rank:


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