[Sad news]Anime “ Chikawa ”, www that will be rejected by the original Gachi force

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I saw the anime, but it didn’t have the flattering female feeling that was in the original, so it’s no good at all

The original is like, “I’m so cute with this cute pochette, aren’t I?

In anime, the white one just has a dirty pochette

I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you mean.
The impression changes so much depending on the size of the eyes and the inclination of the ears.

At first, I thought, “What’s the difference…?”, but when I compared them closely, I think I understood what this person was trying to say…

Putting aside the voice (laughs), I definitely like this face in the original, so I prefer the original.
It’s not that the anime is bad, but I like this face in the original so much that I’m buying various goods w

There is something…. A world where the subtle lines of the original painting create a sense of quality. The craftsmanship of VS animators who want to make everything beautiful. The goodness of the original picture that disappears as soon as it is arranged.

it’s the same

sorry i don’t understand the difference
Looking for differences in Saizeriya?

I started watching the anime, so I thought it was cute, but I can definitely understand
I know I’m cute in the original work.

I don’t think I’ve ever thought about the people who make anime

It’s too natural because the person who draws it is different

I love chikawa

They’re both cute, but I totally understand what you’re saying
The original has a bruise that is unique to handwriting

I haven’t seen the anime or the original, but if you draw it according to the original, the moment you move it, the drawing collapses.

I know how you feel. Ani is drawn by a lot of other people, so if the world view of the original is 100, the rest will be a demerit system.
Therefore, it is better to divide the original work and the animation into separate works. I learned that in Reborn (for better or worse it was too different)

I understand a little. In the case of anime, the drawings are neatly unified in both good and bad ways…

It’s too funny that there are so many people who are serious like this

I see… I think the feeling of flirting with the anime version has faded…
Could this be the difference between manga and animation?
Yaruo PC sweat thin eyes

I remember the time when the original author repeatedly rejected the character design in “SHIROBAKO”
Husband who doesn't do cigarettes

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