[Sad news]Action RPG “Granblue Fantasy Relink” to be postponed

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GRANBLUE FANTASY: Relink – Teaser Trailer

I knew

Well, of course there was no follow-up news…

Has it already been 6 years since the announcement?

I’m sorry

Postponed like a horse girl…
Once you’ve made it this far, turn off your ps4 and release it on PS5/XBX/Win. Also, please release it on Win (steam) in Japan.

I started grapple to do this.
Perhaps the in-house demonstration did not produce good results at the right time? Said.

I don’t care about VS, so let’s get serious about this

It can’t be helped if it’s an extension to raise the quality! I’m looking forward to it!

I expect so much
Even though it looks like hegemony if you make it a soshage in the open world

The head family is in a rut, so please make it interesting.

Another postponement…wouldn’t it have been better not to terminate the contract with Platinum?
I'm worried about my husband, hmm

If this is the relink, I think it would be better to forget about the awakening once again
Husband who does not do it backwards cigarette counter

Granblue Fantasy Versus Legendary Edition – PS4

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Splatoon 3 -Switch ([ limited]Item TBD Included)

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