[Sad news]A well-liked manga artist who’s scheduled to take part in Comiket finally ends up discovering that he has written ridiculous private info within the gross sales ebook by mistake wwwww

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I believed it might be Yashiro Azuki, but it surely was Yashiro Azuki.

It’s troublesome to deal with the whole lot simply with the variety of copies, so I’ve no alternative however to surrender and spend the New Year holidays laughing. (smile)

The telephone quantity distribution venue is simply too grassy

After some time after canceling the contract, “I got a call from the person who was assigned the number of Yashiro, who appeared in the manga,” and a brand new character seems…

I really feel sorry for him, however I actually like Yashiro-san, who’s turning into an increasing number of legendary like this.

Is it Yashiro Azuki simply from the headline?I believed it was Yashiro Azuki

Most of them are blacked out, but it surely means that there are some that are not blacked out, and that is already a success doujinshi…
If you win, you could have the appropriate to speak to Yashiro Azuki.

A well-liked manga artist’s telephone quantity leaked as a result of a mistake! ?
wow that is pathetic…
Yaruo astonishment

I believed, however is Yashiro Azuki okay?
I’m wanting ahead to seeing how one can get by way of this pinch.
Husband who does Husband who does not Tsukkomi picot speech bubble

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