[Sad news]A video has been released that says that PS5’s “jailbreak” was successful. Successful installation of backed up PS4 games, but…

The PS5 has reportedly been jailbroken

According to the article

A limited but working jailbreak for the PlayStation 5 has been released,May allow players to install unsigned or unofficial softwarewas reported.

This news was reported by Mr. Lance McDonald, a remodeler who previously became famous for releasing an unofficial patch to run Bloodborne at 60fps on PS4.

McDonald doesn’t seem to have discovered the jailbreak himself, but he’s released footage of the actual jailbreak.

Indicating that the jailbreak allows access to the debug menu,Can install PS4 PKG files (game backups)and proves it by installing the now-deleted PT demo.

At this stage, this jailbreak is said to be extremely limited,Only works with PS5 consoles with firmware version 4.03 released in October 2021 and replaced by version 4.50 in December 2021It is said that

According to the creatorPS5 consoles with firmware versions prior to 4.03 may be jailbroken, but later firmware versions will not currently work.That’s what I’m talking about.

again,Even if you have a console with 4.03 firmware, it only works about 30% of the time and usually requires multiple attempts.warned.

Even once it does, it argues that it severely limits what you can do at this stage. In this exploit,Read/write access but no execute accessThat’s it. in short,McDonald says he was able to install PT’s teaser on PS5, but he can’t actually run it yet.

Given the limitations of this exploit, and that it only works on certain year-old firmware versions, I have no idea how this exploit currently works, or a starting point for something more effective. It seems likely that it will only be useful to other hackers interested in whether it can be used as

However, the slight progress in attempts to circumvent the PS5’s security should be a cause for concern for Sony.

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