[Sad news]A PC beginner who got a gaming PC says something ridiculous wwwwww

■ From Twitter

This is why the BTO forces…

This makes me laugh lol

i have a friend like that

↑ It’s hard to misunderstand this type of thing…

But in the beginning, when I really didn’t understand computers
I want you to teach me kindly, don’t make fun of me

People who say this shouldn’t have a PC…
absolutely destroy yourself

You’re a genius enough to make a friend OS,
Please give me a gaming OS I want to say I will buy it w

Steam OS would say so, and there is a possibility that gaming PCs are weakly interpreted as PCs with “gaming”

I wonder if they made the original OS…
Husband who does Husband who does not Tsukkomi picot speech bubble

People grow up through these misunderstandings
Enjoy various games on your gaming PC!
Congrats to my husband who won't do it Think with common sense!

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