[Sad news]A man says to her, “I can’t talk for a long time. I’m putting my life on ‘Splatoon 3’.”

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My boyfriend said, “I can’t talk for a long time.
I pulled normally, but I couldn’t say no, so I just said, “Hey, do your best.”

Game priority?

Thank you for declaring it, but I can’t understand her prioritizing the game over her contact lol

I don’t want this to happen

I don’t want to be like this

If you’re eating in the game or living in a group, I know I’ll give you 100 steps, but…
I honestly don’t know what to do

I feel like I’m being called a splatter and it hurts

↑ That’s right. She is Supra.common sense

I waited about a year for the release of Splatoon 3, so it would be nice to let me immerse myself in the game for about a week after the release.

Shouldn’t we do it together? . . ? ?

you can buy splatter too

Similar problems occurred frequently in Dragon Quest 3 in the ancient times

I can’t go out for a while.I’m betting my life on APEX

I feel like I’m not suited for love when I see things like this

When I say “Do your best” here, your stupidity comes out

Like a disgusting game risking your life
A man who can’t put her first is really forced to perish

It’s not “spicy”
Don’t say good guys are tough

Moments when I’m glad I didn’t have a girlfriend

This is how the unmarried rate in Japan is going up…

I try not to go out with them because of this. It’s not “I can’t go out with you”….Yeah…

I know how you feel

I’m also risking my life for Supra, so I can’t be her partner!
So to all the women out there, I’m so sorry! Splatoon is not a game!
Husband who doesn't do it Misawa Acha

What is Life Udemae C saying?
Husband who does Husband who does not Tsukkomi Belly punchγ€€γ€€γ€€γ€€

After all, it might be best to go out with someone who has the same hobby and enthusiasm…
Husband who does not do white eyes

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