[Sad news]A certain gamer purchased the package version of “Splatoon 3” at the Amazon outlet → What arrived was unexpected…

from Twitter

When I purchased Splatoon 3 at Amazon Outlet, it was a copy product and I could not start the software. It is said that it has been inspected…If you inquire, it cannot be exchanged.It will be refunded. I don’t know where it’s distributed, but everyone please be careful…

Splatoon 3 copy product image related to Amazon fake-02

Splatoon 3 copy product image related to Amazon fake-03

Splatoon 3 copy product image related to Amazon fake-04

Splatoon 3 copy product image related to Amazon fake-05

what the hell! ?


Are there fakes…

Is it already pirated?

Amaz0n Outlet is not an official Amaz0n product, but a collection of products that are compensated for returns.
Amaz0n who sells even counterfeit goods is incomplete

Ever since I was attracted to a second-hand item that was marked as brand new, I knew that amateur outlets were in a dark pot state… To be honest, the seller with a 100% rating feels like a cheap pie.

I think you should buy it normally

You shouldn’t buy anything mechanical at Amaz*n outlets.
I would prefer not to buy it online in the first place. I once bought a DS and received a broken one.

I don’t understand why people try to buy new items at outlet stores.

Amazon and home appliances are full of fakes, so I think it’s better not to buy them

I want the seller to be penalized

After all, the DL version is great justice
When buying online, don’t buy from non-official sources

Is this kind of thing already on the market?
After all it is stable to buy from the official or DL ​​version
Yaruo PC Surprise Sweat

Don’t you know what happens when you piss off Nintendo’s legal department?
bad husband cosplay bowser anger frustration

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amiibo Splatoon All 3 Types Set Girl Boy Squid

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