Sacred Tears of Elden Ring: where are all the sacred tears

Utilize Sacred Tears in Elden Ring will increase the recovery that the flasks will provide you.

There are two types of vials you can use: Vial de Lagrimas Carmesi (red) to recover PS y Vial de Lagrimas Ceruleas (blue) to recover CP that you can use in weapon abilities and summoning spirit characters.

There are two types of flask upgrades: Golden Seeds increase the amount of junk in the flask, while Holy Tears improve flask power. We’ll focus on that ending for this page, stating where to find the Sacred Lágrimas so that you can improve the recovery to the maximum.

On this page you will find:

How to Improve Flask Efficiency in Elden Ring with Sacred Lágrimas

As much as you increase your PS by increasing your Vigor or your CP by increasing your Mind Stats, as much as you will need to increase the effectiveness of your Vials for a single user to be able to max your bars. For this you will need to improve container loading with Sacred Tears.

Sacred Tears are quite simple to locate because always in a church, at the foot of a statue. Some will even have a Place of Grace, but others will be dangerous.

When you have a Lágrima, pause in a Grace, select Flasks from the menu, “Improve Flask Restoration” and you can permanently increase the amount of HP or CP that powers the flasks.

Just as the open world of Elden Ring is huge, you don’t need to wear the Sacred Tears in any concrete order. We’ve divided its locations based on its location near midlands:

Sacred Tear of Limgrave Locations

Tercera Iglesia de Marika

Probably the first thing you’ll do, although once you follow the main road to Velo Tormentoso’s castle you’ll need to go east of the Necrolimbo and cross a bridge. Follow the main road and you will see the church and a Place de Grace.

Baptistry of Callu

South of the Necrolimbo is the Llanto Peninsula. Go up to the upper part and you will arrive at La Aldea Enfermada. To the south of the city you will find the Baptisterio de Callu, although you will have to face many rats first.

pilgrimage church

In the land below north of La Aldea Enfermada (you can start from the grace of Cueva Soterraña) go west and cross the bridge. On the other side you will see the church to the north, just head there to receive your next holy prayer and activate another place of grace.

Fourth Church in America

This church to the west of the Llanto Peninsula is easy to distinguish from the lights by your mind, which you can see if selling the Pilgrimage Church and looking directly at it. Cabalga went straight there, passing far from an eternal prison and ruins, to get there. Attention: at the entrance you will expect lost spirits. When they do, you will have an expected sacred lament and place of grace.

Sacred Tear of Liurnia Locations

Church of Irith

When picking up Castillo Velo Tormentoso en route to Liurnia, you’ll see a Grace called Acantilado in front of Humedal. The Church of Irith is located on lower ground, and there you will find the next Sacred Lágrima.

Bellum Church

You’ll find this church on the north side of the woods on the main road leading to the Great Dectus Lift.

Altus Plateau Sacred Tears Locations

Second Church in America

From Gracia from Highway Junction heading north (directly north, do not follow the road). You’ll soon come to the church, which is in a lower country but can jump over with no problem. That is to say, as soon as you approach, a blood god invades you.

Church of the Invocador de Tormentas

On the Gracia de Camino side of the barranco, north of Muro Exterior, go southwest and you’ll find a place with stones shaped like swords and electrical storms. At the end of the day you will see a church guarded by two soldiers, but you won’t have too many problems.

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Summits of Sacred Tears of the Giants Locations

First Church in America

This church is on the south side of a large frozen lake with a jellyfish and a huge dragon filling the area with snow. If you want to fight, you’ll have to head south from Gracia de Lago Congelado to reach the church.

Church of Rest

From the grace of Pie de la Forja, instead of going straight to the chief, go west to see the church, although you won’t be immune to a fight. Come to your enemy and you will find the last Sacred Grace and a Grace.

Good luck upgrading the Elden Ring Flasks!


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