“Ryu ga Gotoku Restoration! The reason why we decided to release “Kiwami” in Europe and the United States is because “Ghost of Tsushima sold well.”

Sega is also in Europe and the United States, “Yakuza Ishin!The decision to release Kiwami was inspired by the success of Ghost of Tsushima

According to the article

・”Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin! was released in 2014, but it won’t be until 2023 that Western players will finally be able to play the spin-off.

・In an interview with Fanbyte, Ryu ga Gotoku Studio representative Masayoshi Yokoyama said,“Having witnessed the success of Ghost of Tsushima, a very Japanese setting made by an American developer, gave me confidence that Yakuza Ishin! Kiwami could be successful in the United States as well. rice field”says.

・The development team thought that the setting of 1860s old Japan would be difficult for foreign players to get used to, so instead, they decided to create Yakuza 5: The Dream Come True and Yakuza 0: The Place of Oath. The focus was on localization.

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