“Ryu ga Gotoku” is desperate for a Switch release!Incompatible with family game consoles?

“Yakuza” Producer: Hesitant to Release on Switch

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“Ryu ga Gotoku” seems to be difficult to release on Nintendo Switch.Masayoshi Yokoyama, the representative of Yakuza Studio, said, “I’m hesitant to bring this series to Switch.”

Producer Yokoyama said, “Do we want to release a title like this, which challenges the world and is a yakuza business, to the Nintendo Switch?”In Japan, the image of the Switch is “family-friendly”, which seems to conflict with the “underground feel” of yakuza games.

“We think of ourselves as people in the night world, so we don’t want to walk around with everyone else all day… We want to create an underground atmosphere. think”

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Those of you who said that the Switch version wouldn’t come out because of Nagoshi were teary-eyed lol

It doesn’t come out on the switch.you guys give up

Playstation where you can feel the underground ()

Real yakuza play on PS, PC and Xbox! I don’t have a switch!

“Mortal Kombat 11” is also out on the switch, but w

Hmm, as expected the series won’t come out on Switch…
We know what our image is…

>”Mortal Kombat 11″ is also out on the Switch

That’s also true, and I feel like there are more shameless indie games on the Switch than on the PlayStation or Xbox…

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