[! ? ]“Ryu ga Gotoku” and “Pop Team Epic”, collaboration determination wwwwww

from Twitter

What… this… what? (Confused)

Unexpected re-import

wow why did that occur

That broadcast was foreshadowing…

weird collaboration

Michio-kun can also be there www

Are you going to launch “Popte no Gotoku” as properly?

I ponder if Kiryu-chan will go to Takeshobo

I lastly received round to doing it

Is Ryu ga Gotoku actually collaborating with Pop Team Epic lol
what the hell are you gonna do
Yaruo PC Boo!

I ponder if they will critically make a sport just like the Pop Team Epic model of Ryu ga Gotoku
Husband who doesn't do Guess face counter

Pop Team Epic Comic Complete 5 Volume Set

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Yakuza Ishin! Kiwami – PS5

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