Rust is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2020

Facepunch y Double Eleven announced the leap in his survival Rust and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. During Microsoft’s X019 in London, it was announced that fans of the game will have the opportunity to put their surveillance skills to the test. Rust the coming year will be launched on consoles. By 2020, players seeking the experience of finally competitive supervision on consoles will be able to play online with up to 100 players.

Rust for consoles is a reality

When you wake up on a mysterious post-apocalyptic island plagued by industrial debris and scientific research, it only depends on you discovering how to follow life in a world where everyone wants to die.

One Rust there is one goal above all else: to survive. Defeat the saddle and hammer, fight the elements, make clothes and hold a firm face against enemy forces that include other players, scientists, bones, lobsters or the ability to ignite, drown or get through radiation. Rust it is a game without rules that does not tell its inhabitants what to do. Players are free to be aggressive and aggressive in their intention to fight player against player; eliminate and weaken someone, but you may also have more chances of survival if you have other players on your side. In the battle for surveillance and supremacy, players can build from small cottages in the woods to large fortifications of oxidized metal with the intention of seeking safety, as well as creating all sorts of weapons, bombs and plots.

Since then Rust Launched on Steam as Early Access in 2013, nearly eight million players have populated the world and been part of this extreme social experiment that makes the game one of the most played on Steam. The title has evolved from its earliest days as a surveillance game to a title that shines with its own light ahead of its competitors (counts with effective scenes to explore and build and complete various forms of play, weapons, equipment and, of course, do; combat).

Rust this is not true for heartbreakers: the game has a steep difficulty level and a large, aggressive community of players in its world. Be a friend to them, or kill them, the decision is in your hands. Players start alone and only armed with a stone and an antorcha. Finding and remembering new plans will allow them to build better weapons, armor, and defense; Building a complete arsenal will give you and your allies more options for supervision. Rust not to awaken nets and endanger players, but these can be counteracted thanks to the weapons they manufacture by starting with their own stone in their hands, a spear, a bow or passing heavy artillery such as a rifle or shotgun.

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