Rumors of Fortnite Attack on Titan Crossover surfaced online

For those who enjoyed the recent crossroads between Fortnite and Naruto, they could have better news on the horizon.

According to filters posted on Reddit, data miners may have discovered some evidence to suggest that Attack on Titan could soon receive similar treatment at some point.

While Epic Games has not confirmed anything so far, it’s not surprising given that after the announcement and launch of Wu-Tang Clan-inspired crossover content, similar filters have proven to be decent predictors of Fortnite’s future emblems in the past.

Surge rumors of Fortnite Attack on Titan Crossover

So what exactly has been discovered? Well, the main potential evidence revealed by computer miners at the moment is the basis of the article store showing above, which some Reddit users claim is similar to the opening frame of the sequel to the introduction of Attack on Titan.

The supposed name of this fund could also serve as a clue, as suggested by the user Heavyduty35, who put the filters on Reddit: ‘Attack on the Titans’ event’.

It is also noted that this will not be the first time that a cross changes or edits the menus in the game, referring to the Deadpool 2020 cross, where the character moves around the panels in the art shop as part of a unique background and the star of 2019 Wars’ Rise of Skywalker package, which turned the loading screens into hyperspace animations.

Reddit user Jedi_Pacman responded to the post, noting his skepticism about filters, saying “this would be a welcome addition, but the ‘proof’ is too hard to swallow”.

User JillSandwich117 responded with an exhaustive evaluation of the reliability of Fortnite’s filters and said: filters and then the community gets to see what ends up being right. . “

“I think a couple of the big filters have contact with someone or someone with compilation access that confirms 100% of the things in these cases, but a final confirmation can cause problems for someone,” they continued, adding: “On the other hand, sometimes we see some rather surprisingly bad logic ”.

The XOVSquare user also shared his unique overview of Fortnite filters, saying, “Can we simply assume everything is in Fortnite and convert it to news when something goes wrong?”

Be sure to follow up to get more updates on Fortnite and to know when new content will be released for the game.

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