Rumors are growing that backwards compatibility will soon be coming to the PlayStation 5

An error has occurred when several PS3 games appear as available for purchase in the PlayStation 5 store.

Until now, PlayStation 3 games that appeared in the PlayStation 5 store redirected us directly to PlayStation Now, Sony’s streaming game subscription service. Without restriction, many users reported finding individual pages for many titles.

This isn’t the first time a similar visual error has occurred, but it has also served to fuel rumors that PlayStation 3 incompatibility with PlayStation 5 may be imminent.

Even more significant is the fact that just a few days ago a new patent was approved in the name of Mark Cerny – designer and chief architect of the PlayStation 4 and 5 – who talked about “backwards compatibility through fake clocks and grain frequency control”. The patent was approved on January 6. It details a possible solution that will allow more modern consoles to run games “where the system version is a less powerful system than the current version.” That is to say, it would be a software solution and not a hardware one.

So, if it weren’t enough to start discussions and speculations, our Eurogamer UK partners reported last week which Sony has communicated to determined UK retailers that they will no longer be allowed to sell subscription cards for PlayStation Now from next January 21. This, in turn, seems to indicate some type of remodeling of the PlayStation Now service. Already in December, Bloomberg had confirmed that Sony was working on a new subscription service, dubbed “Spartacus”, which would have different PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now services to be able to access Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. ”


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