[Rumor]iPhone SE, a new model (4th generation) that looks like “iPhone XR” will be released in 2023

[Rumor]iPhone SE (4th generation) to be released next year? -iPhone Mania

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Information that the iPhone SE (4th generation) will be released next year was posted on Twitter by leaker AppleTrack (@appltrack).The source of the information is the latest episode of the podcast program “Geared Up” (distributed on August 29th local time).

according to this,The iPhone SE (4th generation), which is expected to be released next year, is a rebrand of the iPhone XRIt is said that

Regarding the iPhone SE (4th generation), AppleTrack said,Equipped with a 6.1-inch display, Face ID, a 12-megapixel rear camera, and IP67-grade waterproof and dustproof performanceIt says.

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Because SE3 was weird

SE2/SE3 is just right if you just want to carry it around instead of a wallet… but for watching videos, the bigger the better.

XR is big

If this is true, there are likely to be many people who will switch from android… depending on the price, there are likely to be people who switch from android.
Or rather, even before the announcement of the 3rd generation, there were rumors that it might use the XR chassis.

There are voices saying that the smaller the SE, the smaller it is, but the mini series made it clear that the smaller ones wouldn’t sell, so I don’t think they’ll make it.
Husband who does not do counter front

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