RPG Dragon’s Crown is now coming to PlayStation 4 with a PRO version

Dragon’s Crown Pro retains the original key elements for those who add enhanced features to the new generation

To this day Kochmedia has released a press release about the RPG, which has captivated more than a million PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita adventurers, The crown of the dragon.

It’s time to step into the new and see the horrors of the secret maze WallaceFight against monstrous orcas in Bilbaron’s underground fortress and continue on the edge of a magical carpet in The magician’s towerbecause The crown of the dragon will arrive in the West. This remastering of the so-called hack and slash cooperative in 2D and beat’em up action by Vanillaware and ATLUS will be back in the PlayStation 4 yPlayStation 4 Pro entertainment systems on 15 May 2018 for € 49.99. With an improved visual distance and presentation in the current generation of consoles, the treasure hunt in the Kingdom of Hydeland has never been more satisfying.

Dragon’s Crown Pro retains all the elements of the gameplay style from the original delivery, including those that include the magnificent 2D visual style and character design that add to the improvements of the current generation of platforms.

On launch day, Atlus will make a live release of Dragon’s Crown Pro i su official Twitch channel. The date for live will be May 15 from kl. 20.00, where copies of the game will be released, questions about the location will be answered, as well as a special video made for the launch.


  • A visual separate attached to the dragon of the ancestor – With perfectly refined illustrations and 4K resolution support; the distinctive artistic style of Vanillaware will come to life, while the mazmorras of Hydeland are past, present, past and present.
  • The soundtrack to an enthusiastic adventurer – A newly recorded soundtrack recorded by legendary composer Hitoshi Sakimoto, with the support of a live orchestra, will accompany the coveted treasure hunters in search of Dragon’s Crown.
  • Exhaustive presentation – Enjoy it because you will have the opportunity to choose the sound in English and Japanese! In addition, the game text will be located in German, Spanish, French and Italian.
  • Compatible with cross-play and cross-save options – If you already have accounts with your own copy of The crown of the dragon, your saved games will not fail. The game will be compatible with the options cross games & cross saves with existing versions for PS3 and Vita. It will also include all the parks, features and the downloadable Voice of the Narrator package from the original game.
  • Frenzy for four players – With the fun local cooperative and online multiplayer that you record, up to four players can experience countless hours of fighting together.
  • Texts in Spanish, voices in English and Japanese
  • Formats – PS4 / PS4 Pro

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Dragon’s Crown Pro Comparative Video

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