RPG Developer Bakin, an RPG production tool for creating HD-2D-like games, has started early access! ! I’m going to make a true Dragon Quest 3 with this!

RPG Developer Bakin, an RPG production tool that allows you to enjoy creating games without programming knowledge, is now on sale. Simultaneous release of paid DLC with the motif of “Western” and “Modern City”

According to the article

・Smile Boom Co., Ltd. announced that it has launched the “Early Access Version” of its RPG production tool “RPG Developer Bakin” for Steam.

・The price is 7678 yen including tax. At the same time, early purchase discounts and discounts for users of the previous game tool “SMILE GAME BUILDER” are being implemented.

・A map editor that allows you to create maps that feel like a game, an event editor that allows you to control the game simply by arranging panels with functions, a database that allows you to finely set the status of characters, advanced screen effects that can completely change the scenery, etc. , with various functions.

・Graphics, effects, and sound assets are included or available as free DLC, so you can start making games right away.

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