Route guide from Epic Games Store that wants user reviews and more

Epic games has today published the route map in Trello for its store Epic Games Storeoffering a first look at what’s planned, so its store is at the height of Steam and even going to surpass it.

This is the RoadMap for the Epic Games Store

As we can observe, comments from users, wishlists, improvements in the offline way, user reviews, performance as well as new payment options, additional currencies and including a shopping cart will be some of the items included in the store.

Epic Store Road Map MMOinGame

It is without a doubt good news to have a better opportunity to buy the games. Clearly, if Epic wants to surpass Steam, it will have to improve the services that Valve offers and surpass them as the exclusivity tactic grows and improves the profit margin for developers, I think will not be enough (some exclusive games) so users can access this platform.

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