Romain Amiel deja Funcom has been dating for 11 years

Para los que no lo conozcan, Romain ‘Tilty‘Amiel ha sido durante 11 years part of Funcom as game designer and director of Age of Conan, as well as 8 years of game director Secret World and the recently launched Secret World Legend.

On the day of ayer, various reference pages in the MMO genre, hiccup eco that Amiel has notified his company march, mediating a card in the official forums of the Norwegian company for “to follow up on other opportunities”. The batuta of the direction of Secret World Legend ahora pasará a manos de Chris Meredith, to whom the community could converge like @Nirvelle.

Romain is a very famous car among the fans of Secret World Legends, who recently attended the act of presence in the Dev Streams, and the cerebro detras of much content of the game, as missions and mechanics.

Well Tilty has not had much success with the projects he has directed, his long career at Funcom has given him much and his creativity. Quizas on Funcom’s salida is marketed by trying to find new logos to Jeff Kaplan, to give an example, and to go to this industry, well, because it does not contribute to the company and he gave me a very dissimilar, who knows .




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