Rockstar Games Announces Red Dead Redemption 2: The Complete Official Guide

The complete official guide to Red Dead Redemption 2 is the indispensable companion that will take you to the world’s most complex and detailed reviews that Rockstar Games has made to date. This book is full of information on every detail of this epic story of forged environments in the motionless heart of the United States.

Red Dead Redemption 2: The complete official guide

The standard edition contains basic information about all the characters, missions, and opportunities that this expanded and detailed world offers.

Contains: step-by-step guide, all chapter maps, complete references and a general index.

The Collection Collection, presented in premium hardtape, is printed on high quality paper and includes an exclusive gallery with illustrations of characters. In addition, it contains basic information about all the characters, missions and opportunities that the game’s expansion and detailed world offer.

The 2 editions made of Piggyback the 210 mm x 280 mm is in full Spanish and will be available October 26, 2018 at a price of 19.99 € for the standard edition with 336 pages and 29.99 € for the collector with 368 pages. We will treat you with a small discount.

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