Rockstar announces GTA+, an exclusive next-gen GTA Online subscription service

rock star announced GTA+ for GTA Online.

This is a registration service for veterans Sandbox which, that is, will only be available to next-gen players (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S).

For $5.99 per month, players get $500,000 Stake and a monthly changing selection of Los Santos properties, vehicle upgrades, and money or experience multipliers.

One of the services that offers the subscription is the possibility of buying packs of exclusive Tiburón cards, that is, microtransactions that can only be accessed after paying the subscription.

The subscription will be available from March 29 on PlayStation Store and Microsoft Store.

It’s a move similar to what we’ve seen in other games with large online populations, like Fortnite Crew in the battle royale from Epic.

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