Psyonixin cooperation with Universal and the brand Jeephas announced the DLC Jurassic World Car Pack for Rocket League. With the launch of the back corner of the new movie Jurassic World: El Reino Caidowhich will reveal next June 7thcounts the package with the icon Jurassic Jeep WrangleReputation of a collection of Jurassic Park and Jurassic World-themed personalization articles.

The Jurassic World Car Pack DLC for the Rocket League will be available on June 18th

The content that comes in the Jurassic World Car Pack is:

  • Jurassic Jeep Wrangler Battle-Car, equipped with a Jurassic World calcomanía for the blue team and a calcomanía for the orange team.
  • T. rex Explosion of targets
  • Jurassic Park Hard Hat Topper
  • Jurassic Park , Jurassic World and Mr. DNA player banners
  • Jurassic World , Jurassic Park and InGen Flags

Photo gallery

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The DLC will cost $ 1.99 (or its regional equivalent) and will be available for download on all platforms on June 18.

If you miss the trailers Jurassic World: El Reino Caido I’ll leave you here too.

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