Roboquest: tips and tricks to get you started

Before playing the Roboquest game, you will definitely want to know these simple yet useful tips and tricks. If you have any advice, feel free to share it with us!

Things to know before playing

Dark lanes are (bonus) exp, but they are also health lanes. If you have red health beyond your normal health, getting darker orbes will help cure it. Using a short-range weapon can be less punitive than it immediately seems when you know it.

Hitting the enemy’s starting point is a guaranteed critical attack, both for the damage and for the benefits activated by the critics. There are some enemies for whom I have not found key points, but almost everyone (including the bosses) have them.

Pay attention to your card, in reality you are not going to lie. If it is said that there is a room of the cashier on the other side of that wall, there is a way to reach it.

The keys to open doors last until death, and there are some that you can not use in the same race that you get (because the door that opens is before you get the key). Every door, except the door of the final master, is permanently unlocked once opened so that you do not “lose” a key you have received. The unlocking of the door to the final master is part of the level at which it exists, so it must be done every time.

Your weapon (which has ammunition) is charged automatically when not in use. If you change weapons, you will see the icon of the weapon that has just changed as a glossy black color in the lower right corner, and then it will fill up. When fully loaded, the weapon will gradually charge and will be full each time you return to change it.

As for the theme of these small weapon indicators and colors, if you have a weapon with the “Versatile” advantage (and therefore your weapon card in the inventory has two colors instead of 1), you can see what statistics are currently using weapons for what color is its indicator at the bottom right. You do not need to do anything active to change the statistics you use, always use the corresponding ones that are currently higher, because it is there mainly as a quick recorder of which statistics are collected that have an effect on that weapon. .

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