Robinhood appears to be building the Shiba Inu currency

Robinhood seems to be finally joining Shiba Inu Coin after months of pressure as part of the SHIB titles.

Published for the first time by Cryptomoned alertsRobinhood’s official site now has a page that allows users to purchase SHIB.

Here’s a closer look at this amazing development of Shiba Inu Robinhood.

Robinhood will list the Shiba Inu currency

After years of operating alone with some cryptocurrencies, Robinhood now looks set to add SHIB to its platform.

The SHIB Robinhood page displays the price next to the ‘Buy Shiba Inu (SHIB)’ widget. It also asks registered users to purchase SHIB. The page says: “Register to get a Robinhood cryptographic account to buy or sell Shiba Inu without commission”.

Without hesitation, Robinhood still has to confirm that it has added SHIB, with conflicting information suggesting that people still cannot buy SHIB on the platform at all.

Reddit posts suggest that the Buy and Sell buttons still do not work while a user sees the message “Receive SHIB is not currently compatible. Coming soon!” To get past the Robinhood ticket.

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As such, there is a possibility that this will always be an initial test of the Robinhood team before a complete list in the future. Independently, the existence of this SHIB page suggests that something related to SHIB will soon happen.

Robinhood’s official account has not tweeted about new incorporations, though it appears to have provoked some new developments in a April 11 tweet.

Along with SHIB, it looks like Robinhood has added other currencies like Solana and MATIC.

The influence that Robinhood is supposed to have on SHIB has already had an impact on the price of SHIB. Shiba Inu jumped 5% in the last hour after Robinhood’s news.

As this is a development situation, we will update this page when we receive official Robinhood news to clarify our SHIB bid plans. We recommend following it Robin Hood’s Twitter Account for more information on the measure available.

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