Road 96 announced for PlayStation and Xbox

Publisher Ravenscourt has announced versions for the Road 96 PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

The unique DigixArt independent study adventure, a procedural road trip, has so far only been available on Nintendo Switch and PC, where it was released in the middle of last year. In its creation, developers of titles such as Valiant Hearts or Memories Retold participated, inspired by films from directors such as Quentin Tarantino, the Coen brothers or Bong Jooh-ho.

DigixArt CEO and Creative Director Yoan Fanise said, “It’s an exciting outcome to think that console gamers will soon be able to take their first steps on the emotional journey to embark on an escape to freedom. Road 96 , with its inspiration in the classic nineteen year-old road trip movies seem to be naturally in this generation as many consoles as their owners. Be careful and prepare for a road trip like no other”.

Of Road 96, we say in our review that it “features multiple stories across a road trip that don’t end with the tone when the touch is serious.”

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