Risk of Rain 2: tips and tricks to get started

Before you play the game Risk of Rain 2, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any advice, feel free to share it with us!

Things to know before playing

  • There is no loss in starting with the easiest difficulty level, Llovizna, the goal of learning the strings. You can achieve the most achievements and unlock most items and characters without having to increase the difficulty level.
  • The telecommunications carrier sends orange arms into the air around it, making it easier for you to find it. Always find and keep a mental note about the location of the telecommunications carrier on the level as the first priority, then you can go to look for a button or levels once it is decided.
  • Fast shutdown staff like Commando and most of the other initials would like to prioritize shutdown speeds and processes. The bloody triangular dagger is very powerful against enemies and bosses with high HP.
  • Use recycling machines to turn your less useful articles into chat characters. When you then come across a 3D printer that creates good articles, it will first use your article chamber (of the same rarity) and leave your best articles alone. Take advantage of 3D printers with great articles, it allows you to define your entire design.
  • Using certain AE elements such as Will of the Wisp and Gasoline will increase your damage as much as your AE rank, increasing your power exponentially in stressful situations. Have fun!
  • Not doing everything possible with DPS, some movement speed elements and a little defense will help a lot.
  • There is an equipment item called the Fuel Array on the back of the escape capillary when it starts. It’s basically a bomb that explodes and kills you, if your health is below 50%, so be careful. Supposedly, take it to Stage 4 Abyssal Depths, where at the top is a strange robot that turns into a playable character.
  • In Phase 5, you can interact with the strange thing that looks like Stonehenge around telecommunications.
  • In the last stage 6, it is assumed that you have to climb a little over the road’s extra stone geometry to reach the chief’s arena. Once you are confronted by the boss, it is thought that you must return to the entrance before time runs out.
  • Some article benefits have a limit at a certain point in time. For example, Lens-Maker’s Glasses will give you a 10% critical probability, this will be limited to 100%, so getting more than 10 does not make sense.
  • Artifacts can be unlocked to change the rules of the game (ie add friendship fire, change the way enemies appear). You need to find a 9 × 9 code to enter in step 5 to unlock them, and once unlocked, they can be activated during character selection.
  • Each character has alternate unlockable abilities, the loading screen on the character screen allows you to see their unlocking requirements.

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