Riot Games presents the video series “Introduction to the Art of Video Games”

Riot gamesthe American developer known for the title as leader of the world electronic competition scene, League of legends, wants to take a step closer to those who want to understand how video games are made and immerse themselves in the concept of artistic direction. With this intention, a team specializes in education / training and led by Gabby CherneyEducation Program Manager, has launched a series of ten didactic videos on microsite «Introduction to game art ».

It’s the first time Riot games embark on a purely educational initiative with this completely free and universal access formula. The videos allow you to activate subtitles in different languages ​​(including Spanish) and add hundreds of thousands of visitors in the days after release.

So you want to make games? (So ​​you want to make video games?) is an online audiovisual course, structured in ten points, focusing on different aspects of art: from an introductory presentation to build digital games on issues such as conceptual art (or designing visual solutions to solve problems), designed by characters (heroes, villains, comparisons, robots), the creation of environments or scenes (maps, battle zones, resulting spaces that are always fundamental to the game’s immersion and narrative development …) or the technical art.

The sixth piece is dedicated to animating characters; the partition using visual effects (VSF, Visual effects). And the last three consist of sound design, user interface and a conclusion about game design, respectively.

With a turnaround time of 15 minutes per piece, includes professional advice and explanations from Riot Game who has been very involved in the development of League of Legends recently. A total of 50 experts from different disciplines participate in the art department. Senior concept artists like Jon Buran and Gino Whitehall, Gem Lim, Thomas Randby. Jason Keyser (Senior VFX artist) and Shannon Berke (Art Lead) and many more.

Each of the episodes is accompanied by an attachment of resources to dive into the theme: recommended bibliography, a collection of reference sites, specialized or particularly inspiring blogs, online courses, e-learning platforms, or free basic tools available.

In some specific themes, such as character development, Riot part, with the ability to download for free, real models of its development team with tricks and real annotations.

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