Riot Games presents all its projects

Riot games celebrate its decimo birthday of all the high “sacándosela” to pass with a series of projects that many players looked forward to. The Tencent real estate developer has made it clear and wants to occupy a privileged position in all the genres where Blizzard has ruled the state for years. Rebellion from the departure gun to become the top 1 developer in mobile devices, shooting games, trading card games, fighting games and even MMORPGs that promise followers of the Runaterra world in a massive way. Attention is required because Riot Game pretends to write history.

4 projects that promise a before and after in the history of video games

Riot games give us a brief in advance about the projects it is working on. Project A, Project L y Project F are the company’s efforts to seize Blizzard from its hegemony, and directly attack Overwatch and Wow. In addition, the Lucha genre has been selected to participate fully in the EVO competition, which is very possible to reinvent it and give it even more visibility and popularity.

Riot Games projects

The first thing we have is the beauty of the crown, League Of Legend, which will continue to evolve. The grieta changes completely from the point of view of the elemental dragons, who will now deal with various effects that will affect the map as well as the enemies.

The primitive magic of the elemental dragons will change the land with each departure. The third dragon will transform Grieta before it appears, and then its element will be the only one that appears during the rest of the fight.

See details about the kites

The Champion Senna

The other news for LoL is the presentation of a new champion called Senna. This character is Lucian’s female and arrives in beta on October 29 and covers the role of ADC support.

Teamfight Tactics mobile version

TFT will receive the game on September 2, November 5, and will also deal with a mobile version. The new content will be centered on the elements and will introduce new origins like fire or desert with masters like Lux, Annie, Olag, Thresh, Nasus or Nautilus.

League of Legends mobile

There were rumors and they were finally confirmed. League of Legends: Wild Rift is a game completely redesigned in style and design for mobile devices. We will have 15-20 minutes away and a launch is expected in 2020. At the end of November, a beta version will be released so users can test this new face of LoL, now from your hollow hand.

Legends of Runaterra

Riot Games surprises us all with their JCC based in the world of Runaterra. The Hearthstone or Magic-style trading card game is now available for five days for you to try. This game has six modes with completely different fighting styles and is expected to be completed in early 2020.

Legends of Runaterra is betting on a style of play without RNG, leaving the matter to the “surprises” of what we are buying to sell our masses at any given time. We will also be confronted with levels, missions, experience and a style similar to League of Legends at the time of unlocking the maps.

Arcane, the animated series of We and the Jinx

Finally, we have Arcane, an animated series that will tell the life of Vi and Jinx when they were teenagers. Neither the platform nor the launch date have been announced yet, but it is expected in the next 2020.

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