Riot Games opens a branch in Barcelona

Riot Games Barcelona will strengthen the future of the industry in Spain.

De momento no se ha marcado una fecha concreta para esto, but Riot Game abrirá una oficina en Barcelona. La empresa tras League of Legends quiere vivir más cerca de los jugadores en España, ya que es essential para lograr objetivo como ofrecer experiencias únicas que deleiten a los jugadores de todo el país through través de todo lo que hacen.

Consider Spain as one more pillar in the history of League of Legends since its creation because it has a very united community and created events such as EU LCS Tenerife 2013, UE LCS Madrid 2015 y All Star 2016 really special

Barcelona will be an elite, cross-functional, results-oriented camp based on Spanish players. We will plan, design and implement projects regularly in various forms, from local festivals to sporting events.

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