RimWorld: tips and tricks to get you started

Before you play the RimWorld game, you definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any advice, feel free to share it with us!

Things to know before playing


  • I do not have to be afraid to take the garbage out when masters learn the mechanics. Even if it does, it will still drop a bit. It’s just Rimworld. Not all stories have a happy ending. Learn what went wrong and send some more involuntary losers to try something new.
  • Asalters generally do not destroy colonies, heat waves do. You can make a masterpiece from a base, and yet it will be ruined because all your food is stained with heat, and everyone gets a heat stroke in its magically decorated room because it comes out 500 degrees F.
  • Research is really important. Make sure you have an established research job station and that someone has the available research on their to-do list. In a predetermined way, it is the one that has the lowest priority, so it is possible to want to tell your investigator not to clean or transport (or change the priorities manually) so that more emphasis can be placed on doing so. One of the technologies that can be explored is a new energy-dependent research bank that is much better (and then another is a separate object called a multi-analyst that needs to be placed near the research bank to learn advanced technologies). It does not help to build two analysis banks and only get two people to research at a time. About three. You understand the idea.
  • With repression and forceful arrests of capsules, ‘rescatar’ means that after they have been arrested, in order to keep them in the colony, they must capture them (in a room with beds ready to allow prisoners) and convince them to stay.

Basic construction

  • Strengthening the kids in a mountain basically seems like a good idea, but in reality, it takes an eternity to leave the rooms, and when it finally comes out, the whole place will be dark and dirty. Sacred rooms give a state of negativity even if your entire base is clean, people will come back insane pretty quickly.
  • The fire is naughty. Wood and (mixed) steel structures will dry up. The stone walls no. Investigate and build a stone-cutting station to make usable blocks with all the cursed stones found in the area, and use them for exterior walls / things that should be fireproof. Be sure to change the selected material for construction.
  • Plowing takes a lot of time, so be careful with the reservoirs. Having a priority reserve established in high priority near a desk will save a lot of time in the long run. Similarly, make sure there is a short walk from your fields to your refrigerator.
  • A clean work area is a productive work area. Having waste on the floor slows down the work / research. Keep these factories / laboratories in order and do not lower the cleaning task. This is especially true in the kitchen. Any dirty room is bad, but a dirty kitchen leads to food poisoning.
  • Sillas. Do you know what people need when they are in a job bank and working as a slave on a long-term project? A place to sit. Put a chair (look in the right direction) in the interaction area and you will be more comfortable. Demons, if the chair is of a sufficiently high quality, you can actually win Mood to build / cut / trim / etc.
  • The 5 × 5 rooms with only one bed are large enough to avoid negative moods by staying awake.
  • Train stations are cheap and take the train.
  • Make like Matt Damon and grow tons of popcorn as fast as you can, it’s the most reliable source of food and will not get lost if you’re in the freezer.


  • There are perimeter walls with a single entrance, at least for the early intrusions of the game, only Iranian enemies can come in and channel them. Do not worry too much about “preparing for the future” of your walls, leaving a lot of room to expand, you can always deconstruct and reuse the materials later.
  • Small automated weapon launches are not as powerful, but enemies prioritize them because they not only help control the areas attacking your enemies, which keep your columns alive a little longer. They also have the opportunity when they have suffered too much damage. This is not necessarily a bad thing: IA must first pursue them so that a lone tower very quickly in front of your defense can reach the climbers so they can get close to the artificial fires. If eight asphaltes ran on that tower and hit the ground, you would see eight asphalt mounds or die after it was built.
  • When someone goes crazy, be sure to ask the remaining bullets to fire their weapons before they end up with the crazy ones, the bullets will easily dry up, but the guards and bullet wounds will not.
  • Do not ignore wild animals, even squirrels can hunt anyone.
  • Personal shields cannot be used with weapons at a distance.
  • The severity of the incident depends to a large extent on how luxurious your ascent is. Want to find some gold in the hills during the initial game? Go away. You are more likely to be arrested for being robbed in any way. If you put it in a storage pile or build floors of gold tiles or the like, you will increase the total value of your installation. At the very least, you have columns on the brink of an important collapse, like a Spanish lifestyle in principle, and sometimes even in the middle of the game.
  • If one facet is enough, it’s enough to be hostile to you, catch some of your attackers, take them and then release them. Each of those who save the card gives you +15 with that action. After a few idiots can walk away, the faculty can be so grateful to have its people back instead of attacking. Before leaving them, consider giving them wooden sticks and wooden hands, especially if they do not miss any extremity. It’s a great way to run your circuits.

Electronics, etc.

  • Nutrition paste dispensers have many flaws and do not work in the first place, even if they work as planned. Armed with an impromptu kitchen (or a fogata if you really need it) and kitchen utensils in place. The game also tells you that no one likes to eat nutritious pasta, so bring green food.
  • You will need to build a freezer (a room with air conditioning units placed below the freezing point) to store all your food, medicine and animal skins. Adding a small hermetic compartment (only a short walkway with a door at each end) as the only way to insert it into your freezer will help keep the air cool there and make it more energy efficient. The extra bulk of the wall also adds more insulation, and being in a cave or in a mining area is also more insulated than an external structure that you have built yourself. In the effects of thermal conductivity, all types of stone appear to be the same.
  • Are you building your base on a mountain and do not have a solution for your fridge / freezer? Build a corridor that dissipates heat to the open air. Do not think of it as an intransitive area: the columns can be used to move from one place to another without any problems, as long as they do not give off a burning heat. Crossing one or two squares with 120F heat will not hurt anyone, so do not think of them as “leaders”, but as “really solid corridors”.
  • The batteries and several other electronic devices will explode or be shaken if it falls on them, so you want to make sure you have a stick on them.
  • In particular, batteries will also explode wherever they are stored. I like to keep them in a small cell with stone walls to prevent anyone from leaving my house. The larger the circuit, the worse it will be explosions, so consider having separate parts of its base in completely separate circuits if there are sufficient forms of energy production.
  • The candles are excellent for morale, but use an absurd amount of energy. Use them only in high traffic areas.
  • In a predetermined way, any element that consumes energy that is built uses energy regardless of whether it is being used or not, so be sure to cover everything if it is not being used at that time.

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