Ricochet is known to be 180,000 Call of Duty hackers

Hacer trampa does not have a head in the fights, but that does not mean that a bunch of players use tricks to gain an unfair advantage over the opponent.

While Warzone and Vanguard players focus their attention on the launch of Season 4, the team behind Ricochet has shared an update on how to deal with computer pirates in Battle Royale and multiplayer mode.

While some attention has already been centered on the launch of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, the trapping ban has reissued bans for more than 180,000 smugglers since the second quarter of April.

Ricochet is known to be 180,000 computer hackers

Despite the best efforts of Ricochet and Activision, there are always some computer hackers who manage to break through the network. In a blog post on June 16, Ricochet described that more than 180,000 workers have received permanent bans, but also claims that more work is needed.

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To ensure that threshold levels are kept low, Ricochet asks players to use the in-game information feature so that any suspicious player can be contacted quickly. In addition, it also requires legitimate players to use two-factor authentication to ensure the security of their accounts.

Ricochet also shows the efficiency of its system and player information with a graph showing a significant reduction in the number of computer hackers.

“Anti-cheat ricochet continues to be smarter and better in terms of time. Do you want to find trampling? Slowly, so many times, but we work without ceasing to be faster and better for them to break the game (by force or by harassment) and leave you focused on the fun ”.

With the latest update clearly demonstrating Ricochet’s success, many are happy to know that anti-fraud will appear in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 as soon as both titles launch.

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