Ricochet Anti-cheat makes players invisible to counter Warzone hackers

The introduction of Ricochet anti-cheat in Warzone seeks to limit the number of scammers attempting to enter the Battle Royale, for the sake of the community.

Following the launch of the Season 3 update, the team behind the anti-fraud agreement confirms that the level of fraud is at its “historic minimum”, in addition to revealing how the software prevents anyone who thinks they have an advantage. .

While some tricks manage to break through the network, Ricochet now makes it invisible to legitimate players, making their tricks completely useless during a party.

Invisible players from Warzone Ricochet

Instead of involuntary mistakes becoming invisible to players, Warzone’s antitrampers are capable of making legitimate players disappear. This sounds inconvenient, but only the players become invisible to the trampoline, avoiding the party for everyone else.

Warzone’s content creator, Mavriq, managed to catch a hacker who dominated a lobby to view the game before Ricochet got started.

The players quickly shared their joy over the new innovation. One player claimed that the feature “makes them doubt even if the penalty is worth it”, meaning that invisibility could prevent repeaters from accessing another account to repeat the process.

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How do you detain Ricochet, the computer pirate from Warzone?

In addition to protecting innocent players by using the power of invisibility, Ricochet also reduces the damage to a hacker’s weapon, making it useless against any incoming player.

In addition to coverage, Ricochet confirms that more than 54,000 Call of Duty accounts have received a ban since the last update on social networks. Says the ban is being implemented on a daily basis to minimize the possibility that hackers will ruin the games.

Along with the interventions in the game, anti-hacking issues hardware restrictions to prevent hackers from loading other accounts. With invisibility measures proving to be a success, it will be interesting to see what Team Ricochet has more reserved than the measure that continues the fight against the slums.

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