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loose Santuario de la island FFXIV The feature is a burlando game like a juego glorificado of Animal Crossing on PC and PlayStation: the games currently playing MMORPG by Square Enix. It is not an exact comparison, but it is a form that is relatively easy to convey the general idea. Ahead of launch, we’re gathering what we know about the feature from the first previews and live broadcasts.

When the content is available with FFXIV 6.2, we will convert this page into a big guide of FFXIV Island Sanctuary to answer your questions and guide you through the whole process of unlocking the feature, planting your first crops, discovering the landscape more amplio, y construir cosas hasta el punto en que pueda pay algunas de las componencias que ofrece.

En cuanto al tema de las guías, ya descubrimos how to unlock the Mandragora fittings that you will find in this new private island. There are three different versions that will cost you the same amount each time. And if you’re jumping to the rest of the patch content, we’ve put together a list of FFXIV 6.2 mission locations to help you unlock them all.

What is Santuario Island? – FFXIV Island Sanctuary release date

Anunciada antes de que se lanzarara la Expansion Endwalker, la función Island Sanctuary es una isla privada toda regla para que cualquier guerrero de la luz reclame la suya, lo que probabilita sea un soplo de aire fresco después del fiasco de la vivienda lottery.

On the island, you are free to plant crops, raise minions, capture and herd animals to obtain sustainable resources, and even build new structures to help facilitate future operations. It’s a great resource management simulator integrated directly into the fantasy MMORPG, with a shop full waiting for anyone who stays long enough to win their exclusive currency.

En cuanto a cuándo podra poner un pie en su propio Island Sanctuary, la fecha la lanzación está fijada para el martes 23 de Augusto de 2022 junto con FFXIV 6.2.

How to unblock Island Sanctuary in FFXIV?

Unlocking Island Sanctuary is like a great reward for anyone who has completed the basic expansion of Endwalker. If you are a new player or someone who is still playing, you will not be able to get caught on launch day.

Sin embargo, if you’re lucky enough to have seen the end of the Endwalker saga, you’re ready to go. Dirígeta a Old Sharlayan y debieres ver una misión de debloqueo en tu mapa.

¿Qué nivel es el Santuario de la island FFXIV?

While you’ll obviously need a max-level character to reach the Island Sanctuary unlock mission, you don’t need to have any collection class or leveled vessel to enjoy it.

You will be minando, picando, pescando y creando a lo largo tu tiempo en la island, but estas recetas y nodos únicos necessitan habilidades y equipo alto nivel para usar. Entonces, si nunca ha gido una toolamás su arma, aún podrá disfrutar de esta sin problema.

Come move by la Santuario Island

A pesar del tamaño que locaca a Island Sanctuary en algún lugar entre ser una zona completa, es mulig que le preoccupe moverse sin convertir todo en una tarea. Fortunately, the developers also thought of that.

Although he will have to construct things before he can start attaching aetherytes, he can move around in his mount with no problem. De hecho, esta vez no solo no teraras que preocuparte por las corrientes de éter, sino que tu montura viajará más rápido de lo normal.

In addition to that, it is also easier to move a pie. Sprint has a time to recycle more corto in Island Sanctuary where it is possible to reach velocidad. Not necessary Peloton Bard.

¿Cómo construyo en Island Sanctuary?

Una vez que haya reunido sus recursos pastorando animals, cutando árboles y juntando todas las pieces, estará readyo para commensar construir su island.

To begin, you only need to return to the landing area, where you will find things like a bulletin board and sellers in a small success. This is where you can explore the structures that can be built with the actual state of the island. Simply choose what you want to place and list.

What is the reward of Island Sanctuary?

In an unexpected twist, the developers even made an effort to show us the Island Sanctuary reward screen that shows how we can use our Scrip specific to the island. Even though I was in Japanese, the FFXIV Reddit community quickly translated the majority. This is what you can pick up in this first run.

  • Monte Isla Mandragora
  • Montaje del principe de la lõg de la isla
  • Montura Island Egg Knight
  • Minion Part Sr. Qatar
  • Blue Pixie Wings (Fashion Accessory)
  • Peinado de cola de caballo alta
  • Peinado Jenomis
  • Rollo de orquesta de respiro del aventurero
  • Rollo de orquesta de isla abundante
  • Traje de chocobo pionero de la island
  • Farmhouse bed (furniture)
  • Jugo de coco (furniture)
  • Artificial fires
  • Hi-Cordial
  • tinte rojo rubí

In addition to the new mounts, minions and other collectibles, one of the notable rewards here would be the Ruby Red Dye. This used to be blocked behind the Skybuilder coin. Being present here would suggest the rest were further down the list, offering some form for those who haven’t leveled up their Mano/Tierra classes to achieve the popular colors.

¿Cómo cambio la música i Island Sanctuary?

Since it’s likely that a large amount of time will be spent in Island Sanctuary, you’ll be pleased to know that it appears you can change the music manually.

Si está hato de la melodía predecideda, la carta en vivo mostraba lo que parécia un orquesta en la cabaña principal donde cangea sus compendias y collecte materiales. Right at the desktop, you should be able to interact with it and select any music track you’ve unlocked in the orchestra roll and utilize it throughout the island as you would a farm.

When will we get new content from Island Sanctuary?

Towards the end of the last map en vivo before parche 6.2, the development team mentioned that the new content of Island Sanctuary would arrive approximately every other cycle of principle patches. This means that the feature with its arrival in 6.2 will be expanded again in 6.4, which is expected to arrive in the first quarter of 2023.

And that’s probably all you need to know about Island Sanctuary right now. For supuesto, we will have many more questions to answer when we start with the new property. Hasta entonces, revisa la carta en vivo de FFXIV 6.2 si estás ancioso por more antes del grand día. Vuelva aquí cuando aterrice y con suerte ya tendremos answeridas sus preguntas urgentes.

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