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With season 13 approaching the middle of the road, the latest Apex Legends event is back around the corner. loose Apex Legends Gaiden event presents a series of cosmetic articles with anime themes and desafíos to be completed.

The Gaiden event will also feature a Prestige aspect to Bangalore and a new time-limited mode (LTM) known as Armed and Dangerous. With so much on offer, there is a lot to save on the event.

Having said that, you can find everything there is to know about the Gaiden event in Apex Legends in our center full of all information.

Apex Legends Gaiden start date of the event

Respawn Entertainment says the Gaiden event will begin July 19, 2022and it will end August 2, 2022.

As with previous season’s events, the event will start at 18.00 BST (13:00 ET).

Apex Legends Gaiden event masks

The event will see the arrival of 40 masks inspired by a series of anime programs in real combat. A number of legends will receive masks that include themes from Naruto, My Hero Academia and Tokyo Ghoul.

In addition to the anime masks, the Gaiden event includes legendary masks for Revenant, Octane, Wattson and Mirage with Wingman, EVA-8 and Charge Rifle receiving theme masks.

Here is a list of Apex Legends anime masks that will arrive at the Gaiden event:

  • Crypto: Dragon Ball Z
  • Bangalore: Sailor of the Moon
  • Vidente: Corazón hood
  • Renacido: Evangelion
  • Sabueso: Terror in Tokyo
  • Espejismo: Mit Helteakademi
  • watson: Naruto
  • Octane: One piece

Combined with anime masks, the Gaiden event allows players to hold another Prestige mask in their hands. This time, a mask will be available for Bangalore.

Aspect of prestige in Bangalore by Apex Legends

If it manages to gather the 40 elements of the event, it will unlock Aspect of Prestige from Apex Commander for Bangalore.

The unlocking method is similar to unlocking a relic as part of a fundraising event.

Prestige Skin has a unique beauty and includes three levels of design. Players must complete a series of challenges to unlock the three levels.

Apex Legends Gaiden relay events

During the Gaiden event, players can earn many free rewards by completing challenges to earn event points. Over a two-week time interval, players can keep track of their rewards thanks to the event organizer.

This is what’s in the game:

  • 3030 Chaparron design
  • Buddy gun biological amulet
  • Fusion under the skin
  • Accept Holospray
  • 1 Gaiden event package
  • 1 packet of apricots

Apex Legends Armed and Dangerous LTM

Armed and Dangerous mode returns during the Gaiden event. In addition, a remarkable filter confirms that Kraber and Mastiff will appear in the production rotation in the first week, while Longbow and Peacekeeper will appear in the second week.

In particular, this LTM only has shotguns and rifles, which cause many body-to-body and long-distance duels.

That’s all there is to know about the Apex Legends Gaiden event. For more information, see our page for the latest news, filters and guides.

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