Review of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Extraction – Recalentado, conformista, divertidísimo

“There is to save a stone that must be scientific or something, like in the Comptoir”

The briefing didn’t go much further, as the official trailers and their stunts were stunned as they pseudomilitated people not to play like that. Like The Division, like Ghost Recon, like all of Ubi’s recent forays into co-op’s imperialist tone and “zero” political message, every turn of Rainbow Six Extraction strikes a balance to illustrate the fine line between tactics and comedy. , and proof of that is the fiasco that culminated in our first foray into spacecraft-infested San Francisco: after a first round of ground contact and with surgically located targets, a team member whose name has not been revealed confuses trigger skills with grenades, alerting the base of the complete and causing what is technically called a coconut brown. Aliens going through the walls with their heads, poisonous winds so much that the view, explosions, loose sand… and a hailstorm that ended up leaving one of the victims behind because someone forgot to put in “the sandwich”. Quality work.

We rounded up, picked up, and ready to sell our gun partner’s hide, picked a new team of operators, and had to go back to this hellhole to bring him home. This time, we’ll do it right. Our first focus was an NPC held back at some point in a new scene, a series of concerts as over-the-top and historical as the subject would be about punk in video games; without embargo, a first acquaintance revealed that in addition to dealing with a giant calavera devouring an electric guitar to lie, the local account with an intrusive network of computers activated by tactical panels that would allow us to cover our steps without alert the hundreds. Without asking too many questions, we take the ideal route with a compact radio-controlled car, and we execute the plan step by step, without excess; refurbish the sensitive walls with metal glue, precautionaryly remove the nails that have been vomited into these abominations, and abuse the silencer so that a sea of headshots illuminate our path to victory. I never knew how they hit.

Or yes, because after unlocking the last door someone pulled the trigger and one of the hundreds exploded right next to the VIP, releasing a cloud of green gas that consumed its life bar in seconds while that a torrent of serious insults echoed in the voice chat. The stone was dead. A lesser champion of humanity.

It was a mistake no doubt but also the main reason why someone suggested seconds after we had to spend the rest of the day playing this and that not updating the web one day , suddenly someone died. Rainbow Six Extraction, or the Rainbow Six Extraction which is played with a helmet on the head and teammates on the other side, has this immediate effect, and if I decided to start this text on an average match it is because that the start is not formal. Because it is possible that the game breaks when capturing its atmosphere and its tone and because its cinemas chirrían just as much chirriaban as those of the French people I mentioned in principle, but above all because they share with them a talent for the emergent who does not ha regalado. Its techniques, its inventory, as well as its clever level design, are all intentionally available to collate generative possibilities and anecdotes, and I’d say that’s a value more celebrated than the consistency of a story on marks. Without a doubt, and that’s the thing, also begins to not be the only one. Because Rainbow Six Extraction isn’t Ghost Recon Wildlands, that patizambo and guasón shooter that bases all of its appeal on DJ Perico and echar one risas. Rainbow Six Extraction is Rainbow Six Siege, and before Rainbow Six Siege one is pulled and shows respect.

It is his face and his cross, his main strength and also his most obvious weakness, and since I always wanted to start because of the good news, I was first stopped in what would have always already taken a turn that is always felt as the son of a calculator, which governs the exercise of a new Ubi canina. But first dad: taking on the genes the drawing, engine and design of one of the best shooters of the past generation has its advantages, and whoever is the least late to jump on the bandwagon is one. shooting exquisite, perfectly measured in foundation and form and so contained that it requires play on specialists who do their job without being left behind. Get rid of taste extraction primarily because of feel, weight, impact, vibration and dopamine, but also because here a step on the head is just an ida ticket. As is natural, it works both ways, and so the second gift of genetics is an emphasis on the seal and tactics that here were intended to protect the base of new ideas: the negruzco fluid mantle that reduces our speed and our power. to enemies, noses located at impossible angles, the escalation of certain resources that we supposedly share with our squad… when everything works is a delicacy, and a phenomenal base on which to follow the construction from gadget to gadget and operator after operator. Third legacy: the ability to shape each incursion as you wish, and the obligation to manage your resources. The need to use the head.

Or lose, because it’s not the same to face waves of aliens defending a position that infiltrate an infested mall to capture an elite enemy with life. If Extraction knows how to do something well, it’s undoubtedly planting various objectives with radically obvious requirements, and in this case, she will herself play a master who draws walls with hammers that have some kind of ability to plant holographic seams that focus on fire. These are the operators, another direct legacy of Pope Siege that returns on this occasion to be personalized to delirium through its own arsenal, the usual collection of boquillas and arrests that any agent intending to survive will ignore the plan because that there is silence, and there are a lot of more advanced gadgets now making interesting decisions.

And interestingly, I mean jodidas: having a resuscitation jeringuilla means losing the reconnaissance car, and the same goes for example with the jacket that provides additional armor or the jacket that allows you to clean the interesting pegote without having to spend money. The solution, of course, comes in coordinating and arming a team of up to three agents with complementary roles to meet the needs of each incident. It won’t be easy, here’s the thing: if there’s one other thing Extraction does well, it’s inspire when successful, and the most blamed might be X-Com and its mismanagement of human ressources.

It’s not necessarily talking about permadeath, but it’s a progression system that’s meant to perpetuate what is essentially more than a succession of out-of-context forays, because of the argument it contains, a insidious mejunje of common spaces of balance science , will allow not to speak: on some occasions it seems that its only cometido will remind us that it is a work of loading, and let it follow it. If Rainbow Six Extraction tells a story, it is the emergence, the living, the of its agents; the hero who came to cover the retreat of his comrades and made six rounds prisoner of the invader and the madman who tried to rescue him without recovering from his warriors.

At these heights, I think it will speak to the idea of ​​a million and the real cornerstone that underpins the entire mining experience: a structure that divides each mission into three independent maps with three objectives chosen to be split between a master and more than twenty. In each of these subnives there are a pair of hotspots that allow you to continue on to the next objective or call for a save to catch it, and the result is a constant game of double or nothing and an exercise in risk versus reward so elegant, so pure and so limpid before the one that only remains to applaud. Because losing, and with this return to X-Com, doesn’t just mean throwing trash for a ride.

Loss has consequences, both short and long term. It’s about endangering agents whose collapse will be captured, and having to arm dynamically generated rescue missions to be able to regain contact with the services of a demolition specialist. Losing means being alone, and trying to figure out how that deceived life bar recovers little by little between planting rounds and trying to play the good boys at an important party is the most sensible option. And to lose, definitively, is to lose; lose experience and lose levels in a global progress bar on the battlefield that governs when we receive new recruits or when we unlock new destinations. It’s not masochism, it’s design, it’s a set of ideas arranged to keep the stakes always high and everywhere it’s a duality of progression arcs, the inside of each round and the global that takes place in the menus and the bench, which finally entered the land of roguelike and producing very similar sensations: the skeleton when a build seems to show possibilities, the desire to fit out just one more room, the almost instantaneous impulse to reintroduce it after an inevitable damage… all this is the merit exclusive Extraction, although it might tempt intentar negárselo.

And we found ourselves talking about mom too, and the elephant in the room: the power of that calculating hand that an executive from Ubi sonorously slammed against the table the day he decided to recalculate Siege in the mic. And I say it’s tempting to start with a game then because all the good ideas in the world don’t make it feel like a soulless product, the empty shower with the one that will make even more of a game that went well with a few flying saucers in the doorway. I would have been blind not to see it, but I’m glad you gave me a chance. At least to get there to see the conflict as well. The blow and blow between crews who want a quick buck, and a dedicated, honest crew who tried to save the navy with the force of design, design and design. And by virtue of that same honesty, the sincerest conclusion one can draw is that Rainbow Six Extraction is like yesterday’s pizza: it’s cold, it’s not glamorous and from there it’s is cheap, but I still eat pizza. It is not the breakfast of a proud man, but that of a condemned man.

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