Review of the Amiga A500 Mini – Screws and Faults

I’m too young to have played any game on the original Amiga 500. Wikipedia tells me it died in 1987, ten years before I existed.

I’m also a fan of modern reminiscences of old things, much enjoyed by the Nintendo Classic Mini, where you can play old school hits like the Tecmo Bowl and Castlevania.

So does the A500 Mini, a new version of the Amiga 500 console created by Retro Games, keep up with the current one? Is it worth playing the old games, or is it better to leave them as relics of the past?


There is a discussion going on about preserving video games, and to what point the titles and older systems should be available to the general public so that the games and memories are not lost in time and no more Battle Chess is remembered.

The A500 Mini is strange, intending to offer the same experiences as the old home computer, but it has limitations that could argue that it turns into a completely different experience. Above you can see what the console looks like (with my dog ​​resting like the king he is). Without hesitation, it’s not a real keyboard, it’s just a great style box. Instead, games that use a gamepad and a mouse with two buttons, both of which are connected to the back of the ‘keyboard’ via USB.

Without restrictions, of course, some games require a keyboard to get the most out of them. Some of them are surprisingly complex (the F-16 Combat Pilot is particularly frustrating), but along with the depth of the game comes the requirement to translate the keyboard controls into a gamepad controller. Some games do it better than others, and you can open an annoying virtual keyboard if absolutely necessary, but it feels so familiar how to reasonably expect this transition to a more optimized control scheme.

You can also load multiple games from a USB that came with the console. I can not try this, but I will have to provide the old heads with existing copies of the Amiga games (in WHDLoad format) to install and play them without having to download their old computers from the laptop.

pinball game

When it comes to loaded games on the A500 Mini, it’s a real mix. As I mentioned, some seemed completely incomprehensible to me, making the F-16 fighter pilot the perfect example. It really made me feel like I was stranded in the cabin of a plane that had never flown before.

Without restrictions, that’s not all. Games that use the mouse are always reliable. Such as Battle Chess and Arcade Pool do exactly what you expect and give you the exact gaming experience that players had in the 80s. Some games also work great with the controller, such as Kick Off 2, a football game. from top to bottom. that takes things to the most basic level of the sport.

There is a lot to enjoy in the A500 Mini, it is now solely as a new experience to take a trip to the past as it was for me, or a happy return to the old game times as it will no doubt be for others.

After all, he fought with my father. I tried the A500 Mini on a home visit, neither of my parents was a particularly drunk player, but both had grown up investing money in recycling machines to try it over and over again. My dad loved the A500 Mini and went session after session to try to surpass my highest score in Pinball Dreams. Sure, it’s a simple game with a simple premise and not an original Amiga 500, but it was completely hooked like never before you saw it. Quiz consoles as this can connect generations in a way so modern games will always have difficulty.


Despite how much I (and my dad) enjoy the A500 Mini, it certainly has an objective audience that would be more satisfying than I am. People who turn on the console in their time, or who can not play the games, no matter how much they got back to their parents with a new computer, are likely to enjoy the opportunity to try a look of a forgotten youth as long as they pay for the first remake of Game Boy Advance that has sold in 20 years.

Of course, not all games are perfect. The keyboard is not genuine and the controller does not translate 1: 1 with all the games included on the console, but there is something that bothered me. Sometimes I would prefer to play the Elden Ring, but I do not. I played pinball games with my dad and my dog. That must say something.

A500 Mini review The A500 Mini will be a nostalgic delicacy for anyone who grew up with the system, but also serves as a turning point between the generations. As many super-complicated odyssey as the pick-up-and-play classics combine for an experience in its most enjoyable, albeit short-lived.

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