Review of Shadow Warrior 3 – Lo-Wang is the first heir of Doom Slayer

It’s a video game that gets the first impression from critics and the audience doesn’t have why creating a trend has been put on hold in the medium in question. We all know, for example, that the success of the Dark Souls formula has brought us a wave – if not, directly, a tsunami – of various interpretations, amplifications and retorts which have been received irregularly. Unsurprisingly, there are other very transcendent titles whose mechanics, methods, and techniques haven’t been matched with the same depth among developers, either because the genre isn’t at its best or because said core offers similar features. This is the case with Doom Eternal: a brutal title, high and exploratory on the surface, but which hides a precise design and measures a millimeter under its outer cover of gamberism. It took a while to leave a mark between self and aliens in FPS but, following the thread of this introduction, no successor was found on the horizon…until Shadow Warrior 3 appeared.

This third delivery of to restart from the Shadow Warrior saga is developed by Flying Wild Hog, an independent Polish study that has nothing to do with revival of denominations boomer-shooters. Not in vain, this is the invoice for previous deliveries due in 2013 and 2016 respectively. Well, in Shadow Warrior 3 we will follow the incarnation of our beloved ninja, mercenary, nerd superheroes and spokespersons for Lo-Wang, characters that I find really hilarious. Although the protagonist is himself and the plot continues that of previous titles, Flying Wild Hog struggled to make as self-contained a delivery as possible. Those who have not played the previous submissions will be able to come to light with the summary of the tram that Lo-Wang himself did, in calzoncillos and with moñacos, nothing more to raise the screen. On the other hand, and as is logical, those who carry the saga to this day, will appreciate the references, the characters and the aspirations of one of the most unlikely heroes who have ever starred in a video game. In any case, the objective will remain clear: the world is on the verge of collapse by the appearance of a thousand-year-old dragon devouring the world and ours will be obliged to devote it to the agujero of what remains . However, this obligation is due to those of us who weave it.

If we mentioned Doom Eternal at the beginning of this text it is not by chance; Shadow Warrior 3 is considered a reference to id Software’s contemporary classic in every feature. Already from the beginning, its rhythm is firm, fast and with a wonderfully flowing structure. In fact, the existence of a division in the form of chapters seems to appear as the notification of having acquired a chance by going through the same. Not being due to this data – or having these alerts turned off – would most likely result in us not being able to report. And in the same way that the story unfolds with ease, it also makes its scenes: a succession of arenas linked together by relatively calm segments in which we can exercise the multiple capacities at our disposal, in particular those related to movement. . Lo-Wang himself is there, and for this reason it seems mandatory that in FPS all the protagonists wear a hook to be able to break through the scene. And you can’t stay here, because our favorite ninja – although his armor and armor don’t match him in absolute terms – he has done all the modern classics of the genre: running through walls, aerial impulse, drifting and the already mentioned hook will give us the freedom to move through the gargantuan and spectacular scenes of Shadow Warrior 3.

But, unfortunately for Lo-Wang, in Shadow Warrior 3 we tend to waste time enjoying the view. Partly because in times when we’re not really fighting, the pacing of desperation and history will force us to race through maps and partly because the rest of us will be full of enemies. that will prevent us from enjoying the surroundings. . The good side is that this great mobility will give us a great margin of maneuver in front of the enormous mass of yoke that will push us to walk. Evil will be the one, which are many. Less bad than not only horses, jumps and races live FPS player, so what, as you guessed, still talks about guns.

The arsenal that Lo-Wang will embark on is vast, eclectic and powerful, with a panoply in which the most diverse boxes are found. Following the tradition of classic FPS, we will find more firepower in the line of history. This does not mean, however, that such acquisitions remain obsolete as we expand our options for death and destruction. Even better: they all stay relevant throughout the campaign thanks to an improved system that expands their abilities and reinforces their roles within a perfectly structured combat mechanic. One doesn’t have to see the precise, potential long-range disappearances of the classic six-disappearance twist with the devastation that comes in the short shot of our trusty four-barrel pickup. But these are just two examples of the many tools at our disposal, refurbished, in addition, with the steel of our katanas or the magical powers of Lo-Wang, which will allow you to use your Chi to destroy your enemies. and yokai. an ideal position to pick them up. Or defeat them with our sword.

And if we make this distinction between steel and lead it is because the Shadow Warrior combat gives us the power, in a few words heirs of Doom Eternal, to manage the acquisition of the resources that we carry at all times. Resisting our enemies based on ballistic wounds will guarantee us drops let them come to life again and instead end their miserable spectral existences with our ancestral sword will we get magic for our arsenal. In this way, the arenas of Shadow Warrior are transformed into an authentic festival of ultra-violence in which speed, noise and chaos reign unopposed as we make tactical decisions in tens of seconds. Because if all this is a little out of place, the nursery must add anchors to our hook, verticality and other elements that will facilitate our mobility through a scenario full of explosive barrels, traps and a powerful execution system that will guarantee us game advantages. Unlike Eternal Doom, however, we don’t tend to weaken our enemies in order to annihilate them in the most brutal way possible. Without restriction, to access these visible events one tends to fill the execution measure corresponding to the level of the yokai in question and to weigh on it. In this way, Lo-Wang will reward our efforts to exterminate the enemy in question and, in addition, we can duplicate our life, extirpate an eye and turn it into a kind of freezer grenade or throw an enemy end to lure the enemies with the rest of my enemies. Lo-Wang slams the burradas like with that face they don’t want them in his house. Everything is very constructive, vaya.

And spectacular. That is why, in short, Shadow Warrior 3. An FPS that comes to fruition with its potential to be savored with an eagle campaign, fun and its duration does not go beyond its possibilities. If it is certain that she does not completely ignore her references, it is also what does not lead to the precision and excellence of themselves. One of its main aristocrats is that, on occasion, its arenas – replayed by enemies at each of the hardest roars – can reach levels of chaos that are very difficult to manage due to the amount of effects and yoke that appear on our screen. But although Lo-Wang is no match for the surgical precision that the Doomslayer brings, there is always something to be gained: the unparalleled potential of its fighters, the charisma of its protagonists or the firm pulse with which he animates his entire campaign. of Shadow Warrior 3 FPS more than recommended.

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