Resonance Of Fate: tips and tricks to get you started

Before playing the Resonance Of Fate game, you will definitely want to know these simple but useful tips and tricks. If you have any advice, please share it with us!

Things to know before playing

  • Lower levels through weapon types. Therefore, it is optimal to constantly switch weapons / grenades between group members to keep up with constantly rising levels.
  • Tear is your friend as many enemies alone are really vulnerable from above or beyond them etc.
  • If you have the mission to retrieve something, the damage remains between the rooms and there is no way to repair it except to pay an absurd fine to fix it. Basically, if you can not make progress, now go upstairs and come back to try it with a better strategy.
  • From Chapter 6, you can make endless money. One of the items that can be manufactured (I mean, beta-looks) is sold for a little less than it costs, and the pieces can be purchased in infinite quantities from the supporting supplier. Without a doubt, death is a face when one explores this.
  • Every mission must be completed in the chapter where it is received or will disappear forever. Do you want the reward? Perform the search.
  • You can equip 10 visors for a weapon and everyone will give you a bonus. A fully equipped weapon at the end must have a dozen visors, clips, handles and cannons.
  • When it comes to what to buy, you should focus from the beginning on adding speed charging accessories to your weapon (Compact Scope alfa / beta are good), and then increase the load acceleration using barrels. You do not have to buy the costume weapon that is for sale right away.
  • In most fights, you must do a heroic act that sends one person to the left corner and himself with another person to the right corner. Then you have a tri-attack. If you want more resonance points, send the third person straight between the other 2 (instead of starting a triple attack), and then, in the next turn, send it back to the starting position.
  • Make sure there are no obstacles in the way of your characters before launching a triple attack. The bigger your triangle, the longer your triple attack will last. Having more resonance points will last longer.
  • Pulling before starting an attack is always helpful as long as you have the ability to shred parts of the body and restore the hero indicator.
  • If it is useful to switch weapons around your group to level up faster, the higher levels of a weapon are especially important, as they are more likely to activate the loading properties you acquire. SMGs have a very useful ability to instantly cover damage caused by damage to body armor and at high levels can actually help undermine our bosses.
  • When an improvement in the charge speed of the weapon reduces the charging time of its first stop, the charge acceleration determines how much faster each subsequent stop will be charged.
  • The arena near the original city has a match guide that is very useful, the match is unique, so it’s good to get used to it before it matters!
  • You can only make a hero execution attack / triple attack if you have one blade left and each action uses one. Get bows when you hit an enemy or break a piece of his armor. In addition, you can not take damage while running, and recover damage from scratch (blue damage) while making a triple attack, so you can use it to heal during difficult battles.
  • Weapons can measure fractures, the enemy’s health bar will be broken to pieces every time it hits. If the injury reaches that point, you will regain a bridle. This is great for bosses and strong enemies, but useless enough for most battles. The breaking of the caliber will also kill the enemy over time so you can more easily defeat it.
  • SMGs do damage to razors, you need pistols or grenades to make it permanent damage.
  • The grenades, especially the elementals, are great against tough enemies. All elements agree on the effects of a useful state. There are also special gas-rom grenades that you can buy in the arena that can be useful for tough enemies.
  • You can jump with any character during a triple attack, just a square hit before it disappears. You can use this to try to attack through obstacles or enemies if you are fast.
  • Many intestines come to destroy the body’s armor before it destroys its main health bar. Kill an enemy directly or kill the leader to reduce the damage you will get (but it is much faster, so depending on your situation you will have to frolic throughout your armor or not)
  • The secondary missions that you receive in gremio alone can be completed during the current chapter. The game will show you when to go to the next chapter, so if you want to finish them all, do not go any further.
  • The arena is a good place to get a lot of components, but it can be quite tiring. Do it in pieces and you only need to do 3 steps in a row to go to the next row.
  • If a terminal is connected to a mazmorra, the mazmorra will have all the effects of the terminals.
  • You need a lot of color energy hexagons to set up a decent network terminal, so you do not have to worry about them until further inside the game. Exception: there is an ice-themed mazmorra that has a terminal for increased fire damage nearby. You should be able to activate it now and really help.
  • Do not go crazy back to discovering the map in the beginning. It will get most of its elements to the first chapter or two, but it can be left short in certain hexagonal shapes if it goes back to space. And since you can not place a hexagon with less than all its parts inside the card, it can result in more confusion.
  • There will not be many grenades in the first two chapters, so try to limit their use in principle. Special grenades will be used better in bosses, but once you have the ability to make or buy them, you can easily increase or reuse the arsenal of a person with them.
  • There is an utilization that you can use from the beginning where you can buy a lot of cheap components, make some impressions and then sell them for more money than you originally paid. You can easily earn thousands of millions in less than an hour. The game is not for tacaño with money, for there is no real need to do it, but on the other hand, new weapons can cost a small fortune, so if you want to do it, do it in moderation.
  • Do not treat the Colosseum. It’s awful, it can take an eternity to do it, and you will not have the opportunity to get anything more powerful than an ice cream for a long, long time. I’m not burning, you can quickly kill your enthusiasm for the game.
  • Yes, it’s most likely to spend hours playing to hide yourself with your characters and change your weapon to see how many spears, loaders and cannons you can put in a firearm. This is completely natural and in the latter case an important element of the game. Only you can move the weapon in the scheme. It may help to specify one or two additional steps.
  • And finally, you will occasionally come across some peas (in most options) that feel completely unfair, the ones that will make you lose your temper over and over again. Don’t worry, it’s not so much that it hurts, but that some pains can be completely based on luck, at least if they are abruptly severe. Feel free to ignore them until almost the end of the chapter, they will probably need additional damage and weapon bonuses just to stay on the same level as them.

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