Resident Evil Village – Assault Survival Guide for Beginners (in any difficulty)

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A quick guide to help him overcome the introductory section on any difficulty, including the shadows.

How to survive the initial attack in any difficulty

First meeting

When you encounter a licensor for the first time, go back to the house to find some money changers and escape without damaging a bullet.

defend the house

During this section, you only need to kill a licensor who enters through the wall on the side of the stairs. Guard your municipalities for this Lycan, because this is the only one that actually enters the house.

There is a method that allows you to kill licántropo without using ammunition if you have problems, but it’s funny what it really does is a knife 2 times and then block it will put you in a state of medicine, but if it does well, it will not hurt. matarte.

Goal: Survive

Now that you are out of the house, the first thing you want to do is rummage in the box on the side of the stairs where you have to look for the pickpocket. So go up the stairs and get a barricade, now what you want to do is dig and not worry about the licensee breaking the barricade.

Once the house is flooded, you hope until the barricade breaks down and then you can jump through the agujero or dig the bag of flour to break them and earn more time.

Now that you have sown through the mortar, take chatarra and salt through the mortar to clean it, but be sure to beat the flour into the drain so as not to suffer damage to the building drain.

Then go down the hill and break the box on the side of the building, then move to the right to give turn and go in and then block.

This is where you want to hide until you get caught.

Put the license plate on the window and just clear the license plate by breaking the barrier because they are the only 2 entrances.

Eventually you will be arrested for a license and deported.

Note: it is not necessary that you are out to activate the shortcut scene.

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