[Reservation start]God recreation ported work “Rockman EXE Advanced Collection” can be launched on PS4 / Switch / PC on April 14, 2023! ! Implement on-line battles and ranked matches! !

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[Breaking news]”Rockman EXE Advanced Collection” can be launched on Switch in 2023! ! Includes 10 collection titles!

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Rank match! ?

I’ll retire on 4/14.

The picture of the chip is simply too lovely.god god god

It’s loopy. In 2023 there’ll solely be Rockman

There is a rating!

No, I undoubtedly need this!

an excessive amount of enjoyable
What about Forte Cross Rockman? ? ?

It’s wonderful that this helps on-line battles

What the hell is that this? Rank battle?
e? Are you okay with stability? e? e! ?

Rockman EXE and Meteor Rockman are youth

It’s wonderful that this helps on-line battles


It’s tremendous sizzling

God is right here

Hi, I’m Yaruo from the Rockman EXE division of the skilled gaming staff “PET DIVISION”.
I plan to turn out to be the world’s No. 1 web battler in Rankuma.
Husband who doesn't do it Misawa Acha

It’s a god recreation with plenty of new options and quantity, and it is actually enjoyable! !
Husband who does, husband who doesn't, seals his mouth and sticks Bowser

Rockman EXE Official Complete Works

Release date: 2016-03-18
Category: Books
Sales rank:

Rockman EXE 6 Cyber ​​Beast Graiga

Release date: 2005-11-23
Manufacturer: Capcom
Category: Video video games
Sales Rank: 3283


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