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Other months mean a new special event in Pokémon GO. This time it’s him Pokémon GO Bug Out Event, que sin duda resaltará las criaturas tipo Bug favoritas de todos. Con el evento a la vuelta de la esquina, es hora de conocer los detalles clave.

In this Pokémon GO guide, we will explain all the actual details about the Bug Out event. Los detalles siguien siendo bastente escasos en este momento, but nevertheless hemos recopilado todos los data clave para que estés completamente preparado una vez que llegue.

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Beginning of the Pokémon GO Bug Out event

The Pokémon GO Bug Out event will begin on August 10, 2022. It will last less than a week and end on August 16. That gives you six days to catch as many Bicho-type Pokémon as you can, and there should be a large amount of them available in the wild.

The first thing we still don’t know is the exact time of the event. They usually start at 10.00 local time on the first day and end at 20.00 on the last day. In return, we will keep you informed when Niantic reveals more.

What is the event Bug Out from Pokémon GO?

The Bug Out event is the last party for a limited time in Pokémon GO. Sin embargo, Niantic está siendo muy reservado en cuanto a en qué consistirá precisely. Si tuviéramos que diviner, imaginamos que verás muchos más Pokémon de type Bicho en la naturaleza de lo habitual, tal vez con algunas batallas de incursion adicionales para arrancar.

All Niantic has said so far is that the event “will feature Pokémon type Bicho,” which isn’t very specific. As we know more about the details of the event, we will of course update this list.

Want an event for Bug Out from Pokémon GO?

The good news is that you don’t have to make any effort to participate in the Bug Out event.

As with all special events in Pokémon GO, it’s a simple case of starting a session when the event is online without having to do anything specific.

Las bonificaciones pasivas around a greater presence of Pokémon type Bicho will automatically apply, so you can enjoy them without having to buy a ticket.

What are the bonuses and rewards for researching the Pokémon GO Bug Out event?

Another thing we still don’t know is that there will be rewards or specific bonuses attached to the Bug Out event. Suele has a new series of investigative quests that are special with each Pokémon GO event, and it’s always the same.

Lo más probable es que las componencias de la research Sean Pokémon que aparezcan al azar, probably tipos de errores que encajen con el tema. There could also be a dose of XP, and probably an item or two on the way. Tendremos que esperar y ver

Now is the time to check out the Pokémon GO Bug Out! As soon as we know more about the next promotion, we will update this guide. Hasta entonces, siéntase libre de leer sobre los jefes de incursión para augusto de 2022, que ahora se han confirmed.

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