Representative of mimic, an AI illustration service that was in flames due to concerns about misuse, “Please! Stop slandering the illustrators who cooperated!”

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“We have released a service where AI generates illustrations by learning the characteristics of the artist’s illustrations!”Go up in flames…
Game Industry Reporter “While Japan is pushing illustration AI, China will develop its technology, and it seems like ‘why did Japan lag behind?’ Illustration AI is probably an unstoppable technology.”

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that’s all?

I know it’s wrong to slander the creators who cooperated
I have an issue with abuse
I don’t know why I released this knowingly

You were my favorite writer, so please do something about the management side as soon as possible.

Task···? Did you start without any countermeasures…? In other words, it will be abused at first, but do you have to put up with it until you can take countermeasures?

If you don’t just say, “We will take serious measures, including legal measures,” there won’t be any creators who will cooperate with us in the future, right?
The original company philosophy is to “realize a society where creators can be creative”, but can you realize it without protecting the creators who have cooperated?

I think that new experimental technologies are always beaten and refined. I hope you don’t give up here and continue to evolve…!

I think that the technology and philosophy itself are wonderful, and I would be happy if it could help creators in the future. Please do not end it as a future issue, but take measures in the event of an emergency that will give creators peace of mind.

I think that sooner or later, such services will become commonplace, and problems that illustrators will suffer from will continue to occur. I thought it would be better to build a foundation by properly operating it in Japan rather than letting some overseas company do whatever they wanted.
It seems that AI business is the main business, so I would like you to lead the technology correctly.

Well, it’s true that when a country that doesn’t resist develops this kind of technology and realizes it… it’s too late
Before that happens, Japan should take the initiative to improve it.
Yaruo Reflection Seiza

The start was terrible, but it’s certainly a great technology if it works well
I hope the illustrators who cooperated will be proud of this service.
Husband who does not do counter front

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