Renewal of the cast of the movie “Slam Dunk” causing controversy.

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Subaru Kimura will play the main character, Hanamichi Sakuragi, in the new movie “SLAM DUNK”! ! The latest preview video is also released!

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I don’t like the change of voice actor for Suladan, but I don’t think it’s possible to announce it after selling advance tickets without saying that the voice actor will be changed from the beginning.That’s probably because they thought that if the voice actor change was announced first, the old fans wouldn’t see it, and I feel like it’s rude to the new cast.

All in all, I think that’s right.

I was confused about this too. It’s rock-paper-scissors…

Really this. Too dirty to do.

(Everyone would be happy if they announced a change of voice actor… or maybe they surprised me by hiding it until the very last minute!). Head flower garden burns.

Stone Ocean, Rurouni Kenshin, and Urusei Yatsura announced the voice actors with voices in the first report.
So I was ready.

As you say! Well, I’ll still go see it, but…

I’m completely sorry for this comment. don’t you know what i’m talking about?
Don’t you think that if that PV is released after 25 years, it’s a remake with a new cast?

I can only agree.On the contrary, for those who bought and watched the comics at the time and still cherish them today, when the announcement is at the stage of selling tickets, it’s like being told “the ingredients have changed” after eating the food at the restaurant you made a reservation for…

Hint: The producer is the live-action version of Devilman

I asked for a refund, and when I explained the reason, TOHO Cinema understood and told me over the phone that they would refund me.
If you bought it at the cinema, you may be able to get a refund.

A lot of people have stopped watching

It’s a mystery why I believed it was so original, even though I have no basis for it

No matter who the voice actor is, I’m a long time fan who goes to see it.
Because I’m a fan, I go to see the voice actors regardless of who they are.

This is really disrespectful to the voice actor, isn’t it?
The side that was given information after buying it is also angry ,,,

eh? It was announced from the beginning, wasn’t it? ?that’s kinda terrible
I definitely thought the cast was the same as the original…
I heard that PR was also using the old work, so I don’t think the fans would think that the cast would change.

But if you get old, people like Jiji Kobayashi will come out and say it’s impossible, right? I also think.
In the first place, Sladan anime was 20 years ago with the cast 20 years ago! That’s not what I said at the beginning, but that’s not the case, and the PV clearly didn’t inherit the old anime Slam Dunk. I think there is definitely a good thing about it now.

I can only agree. It can’t be helped that the voice actors and the theme song will change, but it’s disrespectful to announce it one month before the release.

There is a possibility that the public relations side thinks that it is a topic of supply, or even considers it as fan service.
Is this what everyone expected from the trailer?I have a question

Well, it’s true that tickets are sold and one month before the release, all the voice actors are different!Don’t say…
I don’t know what you mean
yaruo cleaning roller

Anyway, there’s nothing wrong with the new cast, so it would be sad if this was treated as a black history movie even after its release.
Husband who does not sit down tears

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