Remanents – console commands (tricks)

How to open the console

To unlock the console, go to the “Configuration” cursor in the menu, then click “Game Configuration” and unlock the console. Use configuration to save changes.

To open the game console, press ~

Console commands

Complete list of commands in alphabetical order with description:

  • banlist: prints current excluded players
  • camp – teletransportarse al campamento
  • delete: delete the console registry
  • Covered with clouds
  • endquest – complete all missions
  • fly (“true fly” to activate, “false fly” to deactivate) – fly from the current point on the line
  • fps: change the fps counter
  • getcords – get coordinates
  • getmyid: returns the player ID of the current user
  • getplayerid – get player id
  • giveitem (eg “giveitem sawbladeaxe 1” instead of “giveitem hacha 1”): generates an item in the player’s inventory
  • God’s way: disable all incoming damage
  • patear – patear the player by ID
  • kickall: expels all server players
  • list – own list server roll
  • start session
  • players sign up
  • moderatorid – create moderator by ID
  • next season – switch to next season
  • noclip – only applies to bases
  • ownid – establishes the owner by ID
  • ping: displays the current ping
  • players: register current players online
  • pruneplayers: Eliminate players who have not started a session in a month
  • leave – leave the game
  • removeadmin – remove administrator by ID
  • remove moderator – remove moderator by ID
  • restabler
  • guard – guard server
  • establecernuevopropietario
  • settechpoints – determines the technical points of a player
  • week – create the current world type (in hours)
  • setweather type – determine the type of climate
  • Vis malla
  • show – disable the user interface
  • stop server shutdown: to stop the server shutdown sequence
  • start server shutdown: starts the server shutdown, this will automatically save the server before exiting
  • suicide – instant death
  • tele (“player name tele”): transports the player to his location
  • teleto (“tele in the player’s name”) – to transport to a player
  • desbanear – desbanear plays by ID
  • ola

Note: commands without a description do not appear to work.

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